How to create a Capsule Wardrobe (being Indian edition)

March 5, 2019

Well honestly its been two years and I am still emptying my wardrobe but I am nearly there. Just one last lot and I am free of bundles and piles of clothes I spent my precious money on.
After binge watching all the "clear your closet clear your mindset" and all the "konmari" shite. I narrowed down my we go....

Now being Indian we all have those heavy dresses, saris and lehangas that we wear once and never use again (though we see them every Diwali while cleaning). Leaving my wedding dress (like who gives away their wedding dress); I either gifted or donated all my heavy Bollywood drama dresses (still holding on to a few though). GOD WHY??? on earth I started all this in the first place?

After all the good mind boggling temptations to shop, I need to focus on what to wear if I am throwing away will I manage a sense of style and everyday wear with fewer options.
Hence I made a GOAL!
TRAVEL!!!!! YES!!! TRAVEL!!!!!

also, I would like to spend lesser time getting ready.

1. The solution for both the requirements is a pre coordinated wardrobe and multifunctional usage or I can match a black kurta to a jegging/jeans/black pant/plazzo or skirt, giving it 5 looks in just 1 piece.
2. If everything is color coordinated it will take less time. hence, I am sticking to one color as base and then second color as a pop up (which I can wear on weekends), the last is a few optional dresses outside a shrug/blazer/scarf etc could change your entire look.
3. Quality over Quantity ALWAYS
5. Throw one Buy one mantra. In order to get rid of all the stuff I preowned it took me 2 years to clear out, I cant imagine going through all that again.
6. If still the little heart urges to shop, eat a cupcake and put the money in a piggy bank.
7. Don't be fooled with the SALE game. Remember every single sale shop makes double profit with the SALE game. You are still paying more!!!!!

I will update as soon as I get on with the new wardrobe, this is all happening as I planned so far, apart from ; I feel so poor sometimes with an empty wardrobe......

my top 5 fashion authorities.

February 11, 2019

Its very easy to find fashion ideas from everywhere around from latest magazines to blogs, style news on fashion shows to Instagram influencers. I have been humbled many times by the trends to follow. The biggest and foremost rule of my nature in styling is the comfort. I prefer to wear what I am most feel comfortable in, all while maintaining my capsule wardrobe.

I read it somewhere that everything we use has a wear per cost. For example. If I invest 400$ in a red dress for an event. It will look astonishing for the night. however, I would not wear it once more. Therefore the per-wear cost will come to 400$ but if I invest in a black dress which I will probably match with many options; let's say I wear it four more times. The per wear cost will get down to 100$. More likely to give me a value for money invested.

It's easy to get carried away with all the temptations of the fashion industry. Is it worth contributing all your diligent work investment funds on the things you lest likely to wear? Let me know in the comment section below about this idea, I would love to know more about such pushing factor for cost management all while being fashionable.

Presently, returning to the style authorities.

I look for inspirations as they help me layer/pair my wardrobe and makes it more functional and stay updated with the trends. Here is a portion of the style inspirations I swear by. A couple of  which are from the rundown is related travel. As you all know by now how much I love traveling. I use certain standards while shopping to keep my cash set up while having the best of the world.

1. In her shoes(Instagram): A gypsy and wild women who cherish voyaging and her astonishing Instagram handle is deserving of your time. She styles adorable while traveling seems like the only thing you would wanna do. I am awed by her Lightroom presets which are available to be purchased.. She styles charming while at the same time voyaging appears like the only thing you would wanna do. This thing about making considerable progress from whites to copper is exceptionally moving.

Photo by Jeremy Beadle on Unsplash

2: ACCESSORIES ARE THE MOST Imperative THINGS WHEN IT COMES TO STYLING: I never underestimate a bracelet or watch or a simply plain stud earrings pair with anything plain I am to wear. I do not blindly follow trends, especially in this area I choose the classic quality pieces rather than artificial random junk. For me less is always more.

Photo by Candice Picard on Unsplash

3: Colours: YOU CAN NEVER GO WRONG WITH A SPLASH OF COLOR...over anything plain. I am not suggesting to look like a clown though. But a statement scarf neatly hanging around your neck will look a million dollars. I personally like to invest in shiny/metallic/handmade/offbeat oxford comfortable shoes. Try wearing it with a pair of plain black jegging or a good ol t-shirt.

Photo by Hannah Skelly on Unsplash

4. Cover up: There are times when I go out and unlike any movie or tv series that I have watched I ask my husband "are you cold? Do you need my jacket?".  I have lived my entire life in cold cities..not extreme but enough to catch a cold so habitually I always carry a shrug or jacket by coordinating wearing or in my bag. Snuggle in a bag CHECKED.

Photo by Gustavo Spindula on Unsplash
5. Okay so I should be carry this and that and so on but one thing I never forget are my lipsticks and balms.....

and no matter what people say we all should be comfortable in our own skin... and be happy and grateful for internet and cash on delivery services that makes our life easier. like SERIOUSLY.

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