Heroin of life

November 26, 2018

"what was I thinking? How can I chat with a childhood friend on Facebook and meet her straightaway?"
"There is still time I guess" looking at my dead watch wrapped like some Hercules' wristband, "I had to look presentable, so what if the goddamn watch is not working it's "DKNY".

I bitchslapped the girl in me and looked around and saw people hastily walking out of the temple. God this a busy morning. What if she doesn't come? Do I look stupid standing here by myself?
Damn! why did I agree on this? Is it too late to go back? "she must be a religious person" I wondered and started fiddling my phone. Who plans on meeting for the first time in front of a temple?

You know there is no match of Indian women when it comes to corner eye staring, investigating someone's job, age, family, damn some of them are so gifted they can tell what time your entire family takes a dump. I pretended to walk around a bit so I don't look like Eiffel tower. Who wanted to be a center of attraction on a street? not me!

and there she was wearing a purple sweater and a sling bag on shoulder. Big eyes with 2 packs of kohl stuffed in them. I wonder why we girls torture our cornea like that? We waved at each other from across the temple crowd. I doubted her choice of meeting regoriously. Well at least for starters she "smiled". Oh! shit, she is a fast walker! she ran towards me with her big eyes locked on me and a big grin smile. For a second I thought she's mistaken me for someone else. I don't remember signing up a Karan Johar movie. OH, SHE'S NEAR! Should I hug her or should I shake hands with her? or should I wait for her, coz I think she looks like she's gonna hug me or run over me at this speed!

I was awestruck by her speed to stop right in front of me. I Blacked out for a second and as I opened my eyes I saw a finger pointed towards me, I stepped back remembering my fifth-grade lesson from mom 'one arm distance is a safe distance to talk'. 'hiiiiii' I long squeaked "nice to see you after 4th grade" Our eyes radiated and we casually hugged.
Looking around the torturous street ramblings and crowd, There I find assured pride moment, I so wanted to yell! "yo bitches I am just meetin a girlfriend here!!

"Let's go get a coffee?" I strolled acting if I know the entire shopping area, guiding her like a tourist guide.

And! this is how I met the 'HEROIN' of my life. The only absolute person with whom I share a hate/love relationship with. We were best friends in junior school together until 4th grade, after that, she moved with her parents to Libya and I was sent to a residential boarding school. After 12 years we found each other out of curiosity on Facebook and met.

I am going to share more bits of random musings of my life. Well! let's keep it for every now and then.

have you ever met an old friend on facebook? 
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