Skeptical thoughts about #40daylanguagechallenge and First week update

October 18, 2018

Image source: TAU International/Google

Have you ever wonder why did you take a certain decision about something hastily?
I am having a real moment here now about my learning Arabic language in 40 days. Whether I will be able to finish it off on time? is it going to be just about the basic introduction? Will I be able to construct proper writing words? How competent l will be after self studying a language in just 40 days juxtaposition to people learning with a trainer?
I think the real answer will reveal its course only at the end of the challenge. I am documenting an update to keep track of all my little findings and learning along the way.

Here is the list of my top 5 first week starter sources:

Udemy: I registered on Udemy a while back. My first impression was honest-to-goodness i.e. what can a 15 minute video certification about something can do any good? Well to my surprise, even after an MBA from LJMU, I required a great deal of updates into human resources, online, blogging... etc. The world is becoming bigger in context to new things flowing in everyday. On a random day I tried its app uninterested and watched a video about Advance Excel. It was unswerving and I was hooked to the details the instructor gave, including, examples, pdf to downloads and other accessible links. Still in doubt I could also contact the instructor directly. It was neat, I didn't have to run around the web to search for any other thing related to the topic and yes the certification upon completion will add an advantage of a additional skill. The catch here is the video are from 15 minutes to a couple of hours which is time saving, hundreds of free course options, one click enrollment, classes are at your convenience, accessible from a computer or your phone and I cant stop raving about the dirt-cheap prices. Here is a link to get Udemy.
Now, I have been using it to learn Arabic also, since it offers a great deal of starter and motivation short length videos. I assume it will go a long way with me. Let me know how is your experience with Udemy in the comment section below.
*You can click on the course or anywhere on Udemy here, you'll be directed to the website, If you enroll in a paid course I'll get a little bonus, all thanks to you.

YouTube: I think YouTube is the first medium where you can easily get to watch and learn anything possible. There are billions of videos out there in your preferred language, subtitles and more freedom to watch over devices. I have watched a couple of videos to check on the pronunciation from the this channel Learn arabic with

Google: Need I say more? Billions of resources FREE FREE FREE Just a click away.

Books: 'Old habits die hard' however, this one is an exception from this proverb. Since a very young age I have an habit of keeping a good dictionary with me. Like now I have 6 besides me, It delights me sometimes to study like the 'good ol days'. I got to know about this one particular visual dictionary, which I think no one could dislike. Its compact, carefully sectioned topics, every single word in English-Arabic with a Picture. Its easier for me to remember something if I see it. I am leaving a link here for you to check this small wonder for yourself.

This the starter kit for this week. I may come across more free or exceptionally cheaper ways to learn Arabic which I will keep you abreast with along my #40daylanguagechallenge.

Until Next post
Love | Sia

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