5 habits I changed to achieve a healthier lifestyle

March 31, 2018

Health or comfort; which on would you choose?
Would you be able to achieve a goal with no exertion? Particularly the one that is a long propensity of yours. I have as of late been attempting to break my routine to accomplish a healthier way of life. The more I pushed my limits, the better I progressed towards becoming. I swear it's not as simple as it may seem... HERE IS THE LIST OF 5 THINGS I AM TRYING TO ACHIEVE SINCE PAST FEW DAYS.

COFFEE/TEA: Less Coffee and Tea: Is that even a thing? Like, come on! we are the children who are conceived in the century where hanging out with friends over Coffee or tea makes socializing possible. The propensity for just getting up each morning with a punch of espresso is unimaginable. The consistent pressure, achieving due dates and being accessible all the time requires the vitality, that is humanly unrealistic. At that point here we are depending on a short dose of coffee, tea, and beverages each successive hour. On the long run, it dries you out mentally, dehydrates your body and makes you more week and addictive. Having some moment espresso or tea each morning has been my routine for right around 12 years. I didn't see anything amiss with it as long as it worked; well, up to this point! Recently I was parched constantly. Like I could drink like a fish and go ahead with it for whatever length of time that I can. I took in my lesson the other way. and its time to rethink my eating habits as well.

Walking more while commuting for work: Getting a membership to any fitness club is out of the question for me henceforth, I endeavor to direct my wellbeing with strolling. You see when you don't have a set timetable for work you tent to lose everything, it is possible that you are sitting at a work area for a considerable length of time or you are always on the errands run. So I have packed a pair of flat heel shoes in my bag and at whatever point I need to work I leave 20 minutes early so I can get a little walk before or after I reach my usual point. If you have a car; Park it a block away so you can get at least a good few minutes walk.

Eating on time: This one is sure a tough one. It's very gloomy to me still how I have managed to survive on planet earth all this long? Like really! An egg in the morning, some coffee in the office, blundering all over and here goes every one of my suppers and craving on time. I have recently started packing my meals early morning from home. Usually, breakfast in the morning and then a fruit on the go, maybe some green tea to charge me up as I walk to reach my work and then straight on to lunchtime with protein and a little mix of everything. Evenings are for juices and another green tea as I reach home. For dinner, I have constantly adored lentil soups with some bread. Nothing too heavy or nothing to light. Ps: I have noticed if I eat my dinner before 8 I tend to rest better and feels fresher the following day (This one I will keep it this way always/fingers crossed)

Cutting out sugar: In the primary week, I actually wanted to kill myself for not permitting myself for a treat. Old propensities die hard. no biscuits, no sweet shakes nothing with the brown, white or any rainbow sugar in my body anymore!!! Regardless of what the health experts contend about Anything sweet derived from anything grown from the soil is SUGAR! I don't trust the sweet names at all anymore. ps. After a two week of no sugar diet, I have seen that the watermelon is considerably sweeter normally.

Posture people correct posture: This old mama cant sit straight!!! Still working on this one. have to remind me all the time!
What is your take on a lifestyle change for a better health?
Unitl next time...
Love, Sia

5 cameras in my 2018 wishlist

If you are a tech freak you can relate to this post, I have been to so many (all of them) everywhere. I am obsessed with anything Gadget.
I haven't purchased anything recently; at all! (like this year๐Ÿ˜‘), Coz I am saving for bigger things in life 'Bless me'. Like somebody said 'dream bigger' (at least that's free). Considering Many items I purchased last year I am a bit naive about splurging money on new things this time. Hence, I thought why not curate a list where I can remind myself that I have to save more for bigger purposes. It's something new for me but I wish on 'having a camera collection'.
For my blog and personal use, I use a Canon 6D. I am not a pro photographer, I would love to study photography in future as a hobby and create better content.
Here is a list of some of the cameras I have an eye on. Some of them are really expensive (honestly!) if I don't dream I won't try, right? I won't go on technical aspects as this is just a wishlist. I would love to know your recommendations on these cameras, please let me know in the comment section below.

You can buy all these awesome cameras BY CLICKING ON THE PICTURES. (for me! I wish soon ๐Ÿ˜‡)
I hope you liked my wishlist as much as I do, You can click on the pictures and see for the prices, and specifications.
Until next post | Love, Sia

Land of Gods

March 21, 2018

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