Fiji Pineapple Palm body fragrance

December 16, 2017

While on my recent trip to Dubai I came across the amazing offers at Bath and Body works outlet. I picked a whole bunch of goodies from this enchanting shop (will keep you posted on more products). Its winter time here (Delhi) more of like cinnamon, hot chocolate and marshmallow season. I undoubtedly love winters. But, occasionally I miss the tropical weather feel indoors. I opened my bag and Fiji pineapple palm body fragrance mist came in my hand. I thought "okay! let's try this one!". I am not used to of the tropical fragrances so, the first impression came was of some fruity punch "wow" I wondered why did I even choose it? It's different! Anyhow, the second note is a mix of all the milder tones which seems promising. The packaging says 'A juicy, lush blend of sweet tropical fruits that thrive in the beautiful rainforests of Fiji'. This Fine Fragrance Mist refreshes skin and leaves it beautifully scented. You can Lavishly splash or lightly spritz it. I chose the small bottle (easy to travel with) and its sophisticated pump delivers decent coverage while conditioning. A bit tempting all the time as I love the after effects as it absorbs in the skin.

What is your favorite tropical fragrance? write to me in in the comments below for some suggestions I Would love to try something new.

Until next post | Love, Sia

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