5 essential things that wake me up every morning

December 16, 2017

A fresh cup of coffee or tea:
Each morning I slither to the kitchen up to the counter and locate my best espresso lying in a tight container, I rub my eye a little and set the pot of water on high fire. More often than not, the idea of instant coffee is miserable, however, you can't granulate the beans each morning (ps. I don't own a processor) yet coffee is something one can't begin with. So there goes a spoonful of instant coffee and hot water. I pour some milk froth on it and add a spoon half of sugar. Yum! paradise right in the glass. I then wash my face and rapidly bounce on my corner nook with a book more often than not. there begins my day...

A decent read:
I am constantly enthusiastic about broadening my reading habits. Consequently, I begin my day by perusing. I store an assortment of books that help me pick up a more extensive knowledge of the world.

Online networking:
Being an addict, how might I begin my day without this one (blameworthy joy)? Looking at the new trends and grazing over Instagram for no reason (Yes! I am one of those)

Updates from loved ones:
Since I live away from my family, I make sure to connect with them in the morning, It just lit my mood and motivates me.

Morning shower schedule:
We all know this one particularly if somebody's a fish, who cherish water and beauty products to such an extent.

I wonder what you do each morning? Something comparative or not? whatever, let me know in the comment box underneath.

until at that point
Love, Sia

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