The classic Mysore Sandal Soap Review

February 9, 2017

Hey lovelies, How are you all cute munchkins doing today? For me? I have been wondering how some old school memories of bits and pieces that randomly show up in life can give such pleasure. Ps. How many of you still remember the first soap fragrance that you absolutely loved? Well, Mysore Sandal Soap is mine (Yup! very classy 😉)
This company has gloriously survived a 100 years. I am still fascinated with the first ever packaging and advertisement of, this product I found online.
The tempting sandalwood fragrance is hard to miss, I always have a pack or two in my pantry. Sometimes on weekend, I just wash my hand with it just to feel the fragrance and relax. The soap Cleanses well leaving lingering fragrance. 
What is your favorite first soap? I would love to hear about and try out some new products.
Until next post | love, Sia

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