Lipgloss hack

December 15, 2016

In the event that your lips are excessively sticky, run an ice 3D shape over your sparkle to smooth it out. This should help weaken a portion of the goop. Issue settled! I trust this makes a difference!

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Garnier Ultra Blends Hair wash and conditioner range

December 1, 2016

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Garnier ultra blends range: The market is flooded with budget drugstore shampoos these days. Everything has to offer something exciting with it. The launch of Garnier paraben free amazingly delicious smelling hair cleanse range caught my eye first. The detailed tempting packaging and blend combinations were hard to miss at the shelf among all. So I thought to give it a go...

On an overall view, all of the shampoos smell amazing. They're all rich and lathers into a thick foam which you can rinse off easily. The shampoos leave your hair feeling really soft and separated without leaving a residue since these are paraben free. Most of them are suited for various hair types and conditions, so there's one for all. The shampoos also leave you hair looking fuller, and tame the frizz to an extent.

Garnier ultra blends Anti hair fall shampoo and conditioner: with royal jelly and lavender 
This has a very calming fragrance and is made to reconstruct your hair and prevent hair breakage. The product has got royal jelly which is proven for nourishment and hair growth along with the relaxing aroma of lavender. It surely gives instant freshness while shampooing. I would rather keep it for days when I oil my hair as it clears out the oil in a zippy. It controls the frizz to a certain extent but due to its drying and oil clearing properties, it ended up giving me a little crazy look. Since I have curly and bouncy hair, having frizz makes it a gigantic task to manage. It gets along well with the conditioner that adds a few hours more of bounciness to my hair. I haven't got much chance to use up the entire bottle as of now to review further about the hair-fall. However, I believe the more clear and soft my hair are the less hair breakage happens.

Garnier ultra blends revitalizing shampoo and conditioner: with five precious herbs-Green tea, lemon, henna, aloe and eucalyptus
A potent mixture of all the five herbs is brought together to revitalize weak hair. Smells amazingly lemony pleasant. I would not recommend it for the extra dry scalp, again it can be used as an oil and dirt clearing product. it gives more smooth and silky texture to your hair, much easier to brush, as the health of the hair improves with every wash.  I would recommend it as a daily shampoo in summer.

Garnier ultra blends Intense repair shampoo and conditioner: with soy milk and almonds
This one is my favorite as it's the most hydrating combo in this range. Rich in protein and made for repairing damaged hair. You know you really need something like this on a daily basis if have damaged hair. I absolutely love the heavenly smell (oh! well I so far liked every single product fragrance in this range)

Have you used any of the similar products that smell heavenly amazingly deliciously relaxing?
Let me know; until then... Love, Sia
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