Margo-original neem Soap review

October 9, 2016

Oh! The only soap for summer in the world that never disappoints me.  Power packed with original neem and vitamin E. It has helped me a great deal on school days as I have oily skin. Ya all get the idea of pimples, clogged pores, dirt, pollution, dead skin cells, bananas and a zillion more problems with oily skin.
Let's get it straight here with this soap because Margo is a no-nonsense soap. No time wasting advertisement, no fancy packing, not flavored with aroma or any other artificial flavor. Its main ingredient is original neem hence it smells like neem, its real Ayurveda! It simply cleanses the skin inside out, works on any skin type (if you have skin issues don't think! just try it!). At times I think why not reach out to the younger audience? #whatsaymargo? ps. I love the color and the pungent fresh neem fragrance. 😊
What is your favorite rescue the skin soap? let me know in the comment section below, I would love to hear from you.
Until next post | Love, Sia

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