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July 13, 2016

looking at a blog? Not really, but yeah we all fall into the trap of reconsidering our blog colors scheme or layouts every time we log in as see a fellow blogger. It might appear somewhat riotous to locate the ideal design for your blog...

I have attempted and changed my blog format so many times. Until further notice, this one from fearnecreativedesigns is my present fixation. Here are some best free sites where you can find the ideal format for your blog in the event that you are in a fix; you can simply move up to a full form.

sora templates or rax templates: These ones are my current top choices, The database is stacked with exquisite and clean designs.

btemplates: I have been attempting formats from here since I started a blog. The accumulation is immense, be prepared to get confused between a considerable options

mybloggerthemes : Offers an assortment of designs to take a stab at something in light or amazingly dim hues.

angiemakes : You'll discover a considerable measure of complimentary gifts here and the creator offers super sweet florals designs.

creativemarket : This one is my most top pick, Each week, you'll get 6 distinct complimentary gifts and one of them is dependably a blog of site design. This is an absolute necessity watch to get enlivened and pro your blogging expertise.

I trust you like the options here, Do tell me what your most loved format site in the comment section below, I would love to know.

Until next post... ma asalama!
love, Sia

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