Rishikesh: Hotel or Aashram?

February 3, 2016

"Peace is the result of retaining your mind to process life as it is, rather then as you think it should be"
- Dr. Wayne D. Dyer

I like to stay in places that relax me, help me revitalize and calms me. I always oppose the idea of staying in an Aashram mainly because of their smaller areas and lesser facilities. Well, a nicer place with big parks within boundaries is convenient for many purposes. I can do morning/evening walk/jog, yoga or maybe sometimes sit outside for sunbathing.

Vanaprastha (वनप्रस्थ) is a composite word with the roots vana (वन) meaning "forest, distant land", and prastha (प्रस्थ) meaning "going to, abiding in, the journey to". The composite word literally means "retiring to forest".
Vanaprastha Aashram is conveniently located near Ram Jhoola.
Here, enjoy these beautiful pictures to see what I mean...

The Aashram offers single furnished studios and 2 bedroom apartments. Other services like meals are optional. The staff is always very helpful. While booking you will be surprised to see the options that caters a room at a price of only 660 INR for 3 days. The kitchen is an additional 50 INR per day facility which comes attached to the room/apartment. It has all the Utensils you require for cooking and dining. 

Oh! the view from our Balcony on both sides of the room is mind-blowing. I like to sit here for hours and take in all the magical cool breeze and mild sun with music to my ears of Ganga rivers sound. There are 2 big temples and a Satsang Bhawan to pray. The morning and evening prayers and not crazy loud like many places. Its soothing to body and soul. 

The place is well maintained throughout and cleanliness is at utmost priority for everyone. 

There is a human size model for all the temples in Uttarakhand. 

And last but not the least; the ghat of this amazing Aashram is the most clean and quiet place in Rishikesh. 

I am very happy here and enjoying the best of the world. I will share some amazing places where I dined while on my stay here in my next post tomorrow...stay tuned!
I hope you liked the pictures, do let me know if you wanna know more.
Love, Sia

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