Bab Tuma Restaurant and cafe : Arabic food

January 16, 2016

I cherish hookah (on occasion) and what can be better than an expansive delightful side platter of falafel, fiery potatoes, and fresh veggies? As of late, we went for an evening break to BaB Tuma Eatery and bistro. It is strategically placed close Noor bank metro station. An ideal place for Arabic sustenance and astonishing kinds of hookah... 

The entire design is customarily Arabic and elegantly enriched with patio artworks and different wood and metal examples all through. To adjust, the divider paints are light-hued and floor designs were coordinating the artistic creations and different components. The seating was agreeable.
 The menu has just names of the dishes, which can be somewhat confounding for individuals who are not comfortable with the Arabic sustenance. Along these lines, We got some information about different names and since we just needed to veg early lunch. We requested less. Shockingly the platter looked little yet the food was in bigger portions.
 Everything is delicious and fresh. 
 This is falafel a traditional chickpea fritter with lentils, a compact meal on its own. You can have it in rolls, with meat or veg as it is. 
 We also got khuboos that are a sort of Arabic chapatti/flatbread. It's very dry in nature, served with hummus. Hummus is a paste of chickpeas and spices, very popular these days. 

We were too busy enjoying that we didn't take many pictures. We indeed had a good afternoon. 
I hope you like this little post about bab tuma, Do let me know in the comments below.
You must visit this place if you go to Dubai, I am sure there are many places to visit in Dubai for food and I have the resolution to find every yummy food paradise for you guys. 
Until next post...
Love, Sia

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