blogger to word-press any Ideas?

January 16, 2015

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It's 11:30 at night now and I am here battling amidst blogger and WordPress crush today and ponder what it will look like to change from blogger to word-press?

I have seen such tremendous writings online of people raving about WordPress. Blogger: at this stage its definitely not hard (until now) to use in any case. Yet hello, the circles here at this end, once in a while the adsense 'gets off' making the whole configuration looking pitiful. I am suspecting a smoother version with accomplices, so to have the right data on items purchases and the coherent looking layout. Could be a reason to vine about (Well! after uploading the template thrice tonight I still have bugs)

I have never used Wordpress ever yet regardless of all that I should need to give it a shot. The essential point of view of this blog for me is to share my life (a bit) with all of you and for that, I require a less troublesome stage to tackle!

If its all the same to you all as well, please comment down below a couple of recommendations or points of view or experiences or basically anything related.

Your comments are to a great degree key for me to know, what way; I should take my direction on this.
Until next post | Love, Sia

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