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November 7, 2013

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This is my first post for a start; I love reading, coffee and traveling to places that breeze my heart. I wanted to write about books, that I read and some other life experiences with coffee in hand. I will be more than happy if you like, share and comment to let me know how I can improve the online presence of this little space here.

Sometimes in a busy life schedule, it is not unusual to outgrow friends and sometimes family.  Over years dealing with my anxiety and panics, I wanted someone to share my feeling and thoughts with, but as life moves on my routine lead to boredom and I became antisocial. I seldom felt; It is unnecessary to socialize with people regularly and talk about same issues over and over again which will drain my mind! It takes a lot of efforts for me to pull myself out of the house on weekends. Even after working hard and a busy schedule, I felt that I am not having enough. I wanted some brain food (please correct me on that!), So! I started writing.

I am literally naive at expressing myself. Writing is also a form of expression. With this blog page, I wish to work on my language skills and hope to share some informative things as well with you.

Please join the page and support me through this new experience.

Thank you

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  1. WordPress has too many things to get done before you could start posting at least that what happened to but WordPress has more features but I have lots of information about hidden serects of bloggerthat I discovered after the first 3 failed and then by researching as I did in collage courses from many sources and read link after link because somewhere down that path is helpful and the complete answers not just a overview and not telling you what else is important to know instead pay for the services or classes to get the answers.
    Do you know how to make a image after you cobnvert it into a downloadable pdf file on a chrome notebook without using Google drive because I'm so lost and that's a first.
    My pinterest board of my born and raised as an oregon girl is repinned every one in the past two weeks so I decided to do spots in southern oregon and sell my images because you can't ever take a bad picture where I live but not in town I hate it and make an e-book from my posts of the history and so on.
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    Keep in touch


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