How to increase your productivity?

November 9, 2015

I couldn't discover a photo more important to this post so I thought to share one of my most loved picture from Dubai, UAE 

Let's start... 

There are numerous far to design and sort out, here are my best favs. Before you begin to ensure you... 

» Spend no less than 10-15 minutes planning your week/day 

» Spend a couple of days and distinguish your best 'work inclination' time amid the day. For my situation, I am more gainful early mornings around 3-6; It may be entirely ahead of schedule for you yet abnormally I feel wide conscious and quiet at this specific time. 

» Make a rundown of undertakings that should be finished 

» soften each and every undertaking up littler assignments 

Before beginning: 

» kill email warnings and dispense set time to check messages amid the day 

» Put your telephone on quiet or simply discard it (haha.. I wish to toss mine when I work and it pings) 

» Set clock so you don't invest excessively energy in a solitary undertaking 

» Square locales that you always invest excessively energy surfing on 

» Finish dull undertakings initially, they require more vitality and intrigue. 

» Keep your work area and environment spotless and sorted out constantly. 

» I once in a while outsource to take care of business on time and do whatever it takes not to multitask as much as possible. 

What are your best tips for expanding efficiency? 

Love, Sia
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