Floral and fruity fragrances

October 21, 2015

hello, to stay aware of all the buzz, one need bunches of freshness around, and to keep up the state of mind, I have these three astonishing aromas that are botanical fruity and minimal zesty.

Oriflame: Love elixir EDT: The aroma has an oriental character and depends on two primary fixings known as aphrodisiacs - ginger and chocolate, Erotic nature and affectability of the fragrance is given by ginger and flavors from India. It proceeds with colorful fragrances of somewhat sweet cocoa blooms, new tangerine, delicate lily, and vanilla. The entire enticing and warm arrangement is gathered together by tonka beans and sandalwood. Shades of this release are a red shade of energy and secretive dark.

Bath and bodyworks, Mad about you: Sumptuously sprinkle or gently spritz this aroma, whichever way you'll begin to look all starry eyed at first fog! Aloe sustains skin for the lightest, most invigorating approach to scent! An adoration struck matching of delicate peonies and dark currant kissed with velvety vanilla musk

Top Notes: Dark Currant, Delectable Strawberry, Shimmering Cassis

Mid Notes: Ginger Lily, Splendid Peony, Pink Jasmine

Dry Notes: Golden Wood, White Patchouli, Vanilla Musk

Victoria's secret, pure seduction: Aroma from the Victoria's Secret Garden accumulation. It's a blend of melon, plum and freesia influences you to feel absolutely powerful and tempting. Opens with plum, at that point Chamomile and end with persona freesia. It's more botanical and plum.

What was your best pics this season?

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