Garnier and vaseline Cocoa body lotion review

July 9, 2015

I, by and large, utilize exceptionally solid body moisturizers or creams, ones that are thick in nature, which following a couple of hours of use leaves a thin layer of (straightforward like) oily preliminary or something... 

It is humiliating to apply a decent layer of cream staring you in the face and go shopping leaving your fingerprints on all that you touch. I as of late went over some extraordinary body salves, which are spending agreeable.

Therefore, my two special picks are: 
Garnier intense 7 day’s cocoa: It is strongly hydrating and yes, it gives the best outcome in only a weeks (as a starter for extremely dry skin). I cherish cocoa scents yet actually didn't care for the cocoa adaptation of this arrangement. The principal thing (attempting the first time) you see is a stunning surface and quick permeableness leaving skin delicate. It doesn't stop up pores, however, watch the amount while utilizing over the face (could be overwhelming underneath cosmetics) Generally speaking, I would profoundly suggest this item for regular utilize. Particularly in winters.
Vaseline cocoa radiant: I was uncertain about this little wonder, so I purchased a specimen size to attempt clench hand. The primary thing I see is its glorious aroma (cocoa and to some degree coconut). It's not oily, brisk retaining and feels extremely light for the duration of the day. I would very suggest this and I think I need to purchase a full size for myself. :D 

What is your favorite daily wear body lotion?

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