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July 23, 2015

I am attached to fall; this is the month when new patterns surge the market and new excellence and restorative dispatches happen. On my current trek to India, I did a considerable measure of looking for new excellence and cosmetics items. Today I am sharing my audits on Oriflame India beauty care products.

I was acquainted with Oriflame as a child and over years I had utilized so may Oriflame items and preferred them. I practically disregard this brand until the point when I saw a September pamphlet at my mums' house on my current visit to India. I instantly requested a rundown of items.

I am an exceptionally upbeat to share this Oriflame pull with all of you today.

The pure color on the go lipstick in Rich red and radiant red shade: cherish further shades in red in mid-year and particularly in fall. These two shades are unadulterated in shading color, smooth and exceptionally advancing.

Hair X smooth and sleek styling hair cream: I have as of late rebonded my hair and I get a kick out of the chance to style my hair on a consistent schedule, I am searching for a lightweight answer to hold the essential everyday styles without looking oily. I think this will work. After the clench, hand utilizes it felt smooth as it has keratin and even following a long day at work my hair still feels delicate and frizz free.

Femelle refreshing intimate wash: We all know how essential is to have a intimate wash. I loved this formula, it keeps me clean and fresh for longer as it is soap free and have lotus flower extracts.

Natures secret soap bar with soothing rose extracts: This little one I am using for the first time, it smells rose and cleans well. The best thing is the flowery smell stays all day. :)

Optimals system 8 whitening toothpaste: I haven't used it at length as I keep on switching toothpaste every day. The best part so far is it keeps my teeth and mouth fresh longer than other whitening toothpaste I have used. 

One compact powder: This one is for everyday use when I am in rush for work and do not wanna spend time on makeup. I just puff some dust and I am good to go. Its light, but have a good coverage. I would recommend it for dry days use as in humid it might feel slightly heavy and patchy.

What is your favorite direct marketing cosmetic brand?

Garnier and vaseline Cocoa body lotion review

July 9, 2015

I, by and large, utilize exceptionally solid body moisturizers or creams, ones that are thick in nature, which following a couple of hours of use leaves a thin layer of (straightforward like) oily preliminary or something... 

It is humiliating to apply a decent layer of cream staring you in the face and go shopping leaving your fingerprints on all that you touch. I as of late went over some extraordinary body salves, which are spending agreeable.

Therefore, my two special picks are: 
Garnier intense 7 day’s cocoa: It is strongly hydrating and yes, it gives the best outcome in only a weeks (as a starter for extremely dry skin). I cherish cocoa scents yet actually didn't care for the cocoa adaptation of this arrangement. The principal thing (attempting the first time) you see is a stunning surface and quick permeableness leaving skin delicate. It doesn't stop up pores, however, watch the amount while utilizing over the face (could be overwhelming underneath cosmetics) Generally speaking, I would profoundly suggest this item for regular utilize. Particularly in winters.
Vaseline cocoa radiant: I was uncertain about this little wonder, so I purchased a specimen size to attempt clench hand. The primary thing I see is its glorious aroma (cocoa and to some degree coconut). It's not oily, brisk retaining and feels extremely light for the duration of the day. I would very suggest this and I think I need to purchase a full size for myself. :D 

What is your favorite daily wear body lotion?
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