Zanedo: Beauty box review

May 28, 2015

Hello everyone!
I am super excited to share the very first beauty box on my blog. As you know; I am living in Dubai for quite some time now,s I thought why not try a beauty box from UAE and see how it works than the ones in other countries.
After some careful search on the beauty box subscription available here, I finally ordered 'Zanedo' The company claimed a hearty box with 7 samples and 3 out of them will be full-size products. I opted for a 3-month subscription, Just to try at first. If you wish you can choose a 6 month or a year package as well.

Delivery: The delivery took almost 2 weeks.

Packing: A neat packing in a hard-case reusable sliding box. Better than the other products that we get with unwanted excessive packing. I suggest the liquids should have been packed with 2 products were a little leaked. 
Products: 1. Jergens Soothing Aloe body lotion: (Really?) I wasn't expecting a regular drugstore body lotion in a beauty box. This one product is full size; It will definitely last for a long time.
Review: It's a thick body lotion with some really good moisturizing properties. You can try this product if you have irritated the skin by weather changing, as a pocket moisturizer. It's not sticky as per the thick texture. Its power ingredient is Aloe Vera to give that quick soothing and a little cooling effect with stays for 5-6 hours. 
2: Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula: I am so not happy about getting the similar products in my beauty box and there is nothing new in them to try. But hey! they may know that cocoa is my fav in body lotions ;)
3: SYNC UNISCENT: The opening notes are very strong but it lasts only an hour max.
4: Makeup cone blender: The sponge is soft on the skin and does a great job. I prefer this style as it is easy to hold and blend.
5: Photomodel foundation: I am holding onto this one. I will review it soon in #makeup.
Overall I am least satisfied with this box. 
It is indeed worth money overall but is I really willing to expect regular drugstore skin products? How was your experience with Zanedo box? Please share your views below. 
Until then!
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