How to stay happy with your blog?

February 17, 2015


A successive issue bloggers at times faces is being troubled with their blog. I have been there and had a craving for stopping and I did that as well, I have been blogging for 7 years and erased my blog a few times. I was despondent with the way it was and felt I am trapped in an endless cycle. I am resolved now not to erase or get exhausted of WinterPeet. I would prefer not to make a sole billion devotees here, I target it towards my objective of self-change and learning. Along these lines, getting uneasiness about individuals not following or remarking isn't engaged. Here are my tips on how I felt content with my blog.

- Make content you adore

- Change the shading plan or format of your blog (Remember to take a reinforcement)

- Take motivation from all over the place (Your blog can shape into a diary for you to share those picturesque pictures you went up against a last end of the week or occasion, It can be a DIY blog for the make you, It can be an audit particular blog or everything all-together)

- Grasp what you have

- Plan ahead (There are those occasions when you are for the most part inventive and seething of thoughts, Compose numerous posts that time, or make notes of thoughts to deal with later)

- Dependably endeavor to take a shot at pre-planned posts

- Remain true

- Be sure of what you have and not contrast yourself and different bloggers

- Be more sorted out

- and last however not simply the minimum 'Don't be hard'

What are your best tips on remaining Content on your blog?
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