blogger to word-press any Ideas?

January 16, 2015

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It's 11:30 at night now and I am here battling amidst blogger and WordPress crush today and ponder what it will look like to change from blogger to word-press?

I have seen such tremendous writings online of people raving about WordPress. Blogger: at this stage its definitely not hard (until now) to use in any case. Yet hello, the circles here at this end, once in a while the adsense 'gets off' making the whole configuration looking pitiful. I am suspecting a smoother version with accomplices, so to have the right data on items purchases and the coherent looking layout. Could be a reason to vine about (Well! after uploading the template thrice tonight I still have bugs)

I have never used Wordpress ever yet regardless of all that I should need to give it a shot. The essential point of view of this blog for me is to share my life (a bit) with all of you and for that, I require a less troublesome stage to tackle!

If its all the same to you all as well, please comment down below a couple of recommendations or points of view or experiences or basically anything related.

Your comments are to a great degree key for me to know, what way; I should take my direction on this.
Until next post | Love, Sia

Carve out a Niche

January 2, 2015

Hi lovelies! 

I trust all of you are doing admirably. Today while refreshing one of my online profiles, I went over an article; that I composed for a main news paper back when I was in college. My living is a fantasy and my fantasies are my life...

Publication: The Times Of India Lucknow; Date: Oct 31, 2011; Section: Education Times; Page: 23

Sia Sehrawat, a student of Dublin Business School (DBS), Ireland, is pursuing Masters of Business Administration to understand various areas of business.

After completing my graduation and acquiring sufficient work experience, I realised that at this stage of my life, an international degree will be highly beneficial.

Having sound knowledge with a keen interest in soft skills, I choose to study Human Resource Management. Needless to say, the choice of university is of paramount importance. After taking up a score of 8 in my Ielts and a thorough research on the colleges, I decided my destination, Dublin Business School, Ireland.

A brilliant faculty, excellent facilities and tradition of academic excellence, Dublin Business School (DBS), Ireland, is indeed an ideal place to study. My application got selected on the bases of my SOP and academic background. Also, I got a scholarship of £ 1000.

DBS not only provides core education but also offers a practical approach intellectually. Group discussions, club meetings and other such activities are regular on its agenda. There are many awards in credit for the college for sports and other activities. The teaching method is more interactive and the lectures and mostly based on practical details of the subject. There is a supervisor assigned, who helps us in the subjects, for every student and also an appointment with any of the professors can be easily made via email.

DBS believes in an overall development of a student. They organize regular guest lecturer visits. Their method of teaching is very interesting and hardly any student misses out any of the classes. We were lately introduced on working on our CVs and other psychological subjects which are very important to handle and groom personality traits as a professional. Recently, I witnessed a job fair, as advised by the college, and it was quite an informative and enlightening.

Studying abroad creates various job opportunities and helps an individual to become more resourceful, strategic and self-reliant. One can also opt for a maximum of 20 hrs part-time work to gain experience in the relevant field. Also, a year of work permits after completion of the degree.

After completing my MBA, I would like to gain some work experience as an HR manager and practice my technical skills by working in a different and diverse organization. I'd like to pursue PhD sometime later in life. There is a lot more to learn and achieve in the human resource sector in Ireland.
I am quite a substance to realize that, regardless of being on and off the vocation way, I figured out how to pace up to the point and my fantasy.

I trust you are additionally working towards your fantasy and becoming showbiz royalty... as well...

On the off chance that you have something comparable for us to move, I might want to think about you. :D

Until a next dazzling post of dreams, love, and experience. Here's to you!

also, have an upbeat end of the week...
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