10 Small things that make me Happy

December 26, 2015

Goodness! The bubbly season is practically done, I had missed plenty of things from this year, particularly, desserts of assortment. I have a sweet tooth and anything sugar makes me feeble. I get a kick out of the chance to go anyplace just to taste heavenly sweet...

This post is about things that made me upbeat in 2015. It's practically the year-end and actually! I haven't accomplished anything huge yet there were a ton of little things that happened...

1. I have as of late seen that I am winding up fussier and have a method for doing a certain thing which I might not want to be done in some other way. For example, I just drink espresso when I have my mug around me and this mug must be a similar old mug for quite a long time, until (once in a while) I locate some break or scratch on it! It's entirely odd how I clutch hold on to a couple of things.

What're more, different things that influence me to grin and happy...

2. Green tea and its capacity to quiet me down or wake me up at time of day/evening

3. A basic please and thank you from an outsider, The world appears a more joyful place throughout the day. On the off chance that you don't see great, at that point you are the great.

4. New stationary and opening it, is the best blessing whenever for me. The scent, hues, feel of it fills happiness in my heart

5. Picnics: I like to appreciate small-scale picnics getaways

6. 90's music: I may seem like a crazy person, however, I have a profound corner space in my heart, particularly for 90's tracks.

7. New potential outcomes, go ahead! 'Who Doesn't love that?'

8. A steaming shower in the wake of a prolonged day (Tears in my eyes). I require one at this point! haha...

9. Arbitrary messages from old companions. I travel a great deal and it feels stunning to know someones considering you.

10. Energetic individuals, the delight of conversing with somebody with a start in their eye for their fantasy and to accomplish something more is surprising.

I would love to know things that made you upbeat in 2015. Remark beneath with a rundown of 3 things that influenced you to grin!

Until next post

A Cheerful Merry christmas to you all.

December 24, 2015

A cheerful Merry Christmas to you all! Pre-preparing, preparing, shopping...what not to do this season; while huge numbers of us appreciate the merriments that Christmas brings, a few of us experience the ill effects of blues. To pummel the emotional episode disturbance, I am sharing my fav winter tunes. It's entirely late goodness Darn! be that as it may, here is as yet a long winter left. Here are some of my main tunes to keep you quiet this winter. Expectation you appreciate.

If it's not too much trouble share some more tunes of your decision, I would love to know!

Have a delightful Christmas and great occasions!
ho ho ho...

Himalaya Herbal. Beauty Haul!

December 20, 2015

I needed to attempt a scope of items that are homegrown and have an assortment of one of a kind fixing mixes. So I thought to attempt Himalayas range,.....

Its items are extremely well known among individuals who appreciate homegrown items and I am no special case. I have been utilizing Himalaya Neem confront wash since an exceptionally youthful age, It is difficult to oppose myself backpedaling over and over to re-buy it. It's basically the best with regards to day by day watch over a spotless and crisp skin. Here are a few items I have utilized and adored.

Face Wash

Profound purifying apricot confront wash: Exceptionally gooey glue with culminate granuels, delicate scent, ideal for exchange day utilization in summers. You know those layers of sunscreen and preliminaries; This is their foe. This is an absolute necessity have on the off chance that you are dependent on a ton of skin beauty care products.

Oil clear face wash: I have a mixed skin that progressions with season; yet It's fairly sleek on generally days. This little face-wash is lemony and gives a solid resemble lemon and lemon skin. I practically felt like, It might have a craving for shivering mint, yet it's not minty (I needed it to be...dreaming!). however, I quickly felt my skin to be perfect and new. I lemon feel doesn't remain longer, yet no doubt! you'll without a doubt recollect the lemon punch.

Kesar facewash: This is one of my most loved face wash, Similar to me many individuals like Kesar or saffron as you probably are aware. This power fixing can be utilized as a part of a million ways. A standout amongst another approach to utilizing it is in skin items. presently, this face-wash is my most loved and supreme stacked with Kesar, not simply it cleans, it smells astonishing, and gives a snappy lighting up impact to my skin. There isn't a solitary motivation to miss this.


Oil clear mud face mask veil: Multani mitti/Fuller's earth has been in each excellence cognizant young lady records for a very long time. It is a well known and a power stuffed fixing. It washes down even the profound situated soil and flaws. Mineral mud is another source to keep up the ph adjust of skin; it has to revive and purifying properties. Khus Grass is hostile to the contagious purifying coolant. Additionally, last however not the slightest Vitamin E and A stuffed walnut, this mud veil have everything in one, I adored utilizing it to center. My skin is slight delicate for beautifying agents, This one is extremely delicate and does the activity like a supervisor. Apply a thin layer and wash off with water, trailed by a toner and lotion.


I enjoyed the blends of every one of these cleansers, however in the event that I need to put it number savvy! at that point, Cucumber and Coconut Cleanser is my best top pick. 'Coconut' the name itself gives an exceptionally tropical feel. At that point Rose and Almond since I generally get a kick out of the chance to utilize all the more dazzling noticing cleansers then the ones that are more engaged for particular concerns, similar to the ones for skin issue and so on. This one is blushing and saturating, right what I required for this evolving climate! None of the cleaners have a shivering vibe eventual outcome, however, I think the Neem and turmeric cleanser is more verdant fragranced. Which is pleasant when you jump at the chance to have an all the more profound cleaning session, as Neem have such astonishing properties to enable you to purge, recuperate and saturate.

hair creams

Hostile to hair fall hair cream: I have as of late experienced a lot of hairdo changes on account of an awful hair benefit, on my approach to recuperate solid hair life, I get the opportunity to utilize Himalaya against hair fall cream. It was a piece of an arrangement, composed by me to use alongside different items. I have so far utilized 2 packs of it and discovered this exceptionally attractive, the cream after application feel like dampness/oil, don't stress, it is non-drippy. Each and every time upon use, I instantly feel a casual skin. Amla and Bhringraj are the key fixings that are known to be a panacea for any hair or hair scalp issue. I would prescribe this item to be added to a week by week utilize. In the event that you have serious hair fall at that point utilize it alongside a sound eating regimen and hair mind routine arrangement. Protein hair cream is stacked with the integrity of Amla to help advance hair development and chickpeas that is a characteristic wellspring of protein which feeds your skin. I loved this item, however, I might want to re-buy Hostile to hair fall cream for the time being until the point that the hair issues understand.


Organizations are going insane over propelling brightening toothpaste and individuals are setting off to any degree to get more white teeth. The greater part of the toothpaste have synthetic blanch in them, I have utilized every one of them. better believe it! I am a typical individual who goes crazy in shopping centers and purchase nearly anything sparkly or lucrative. I guaranteed myself to not get into any enticement. Subsequent to utilizing ANY brightening toothpaste I get inconsistent teeth and exceptionally processor notice, similar to my teeth are being shed. I likewise felt affectability on account of the cleaning and bombed wretchedly. I won't state that this toothpaste gave me a 100% white grin, however, better believe it functions admirably. Himalaya natural shimmering white is mellow, lights up my teeth, gives a crisp smell, and is tender. It does the brightening part slowly yet is enduring, common and powerful. Try it out on the off chance that you are likewise finished with the solid synthetic show.

I am happy with these new items. It would be ideal if you propose more items that merit attempting!

Love, Sia

How to increase your productivity?

November 9, 2015

I couldn't discover a photo more important to this post so I thought to share one of my most loved picture from Dubai, UAE 

Let's start... 

There are numerous far to design and sort out, here are my best favs. Before you begin to ensure you... 

» Spend no less than 10-15 minutes planning your week/day 

» Spend a couple of days and distinguish your best 'work inclination' time amid the day. For my situation, I am more gainful early mornings around 3-6; It may be entirely ahead of schedule for you yet abnormally I feel wide conscious and quiet at this specific time. 

» Make a rundown of undertakings that should be finished 

» soften each and every undertaking up littler assignments 

Before beginning: 

» kill email warnings and dispense set time to check messages amid the day 

» Put your telephone on quiet or simply discard it (haha.. I wish to toss mine when I work and it pings) 

» Set clock so you don't invest excessively energy in a solitary undertaking 

» Square locales that you always invest excessively energy surfing on 

» Finish dull undertakings initially, they require more vitality and intrigue. 

» Keep your work area and environment spotless and sorted out constantly. 

» I once in a while outsource to take care of business on time and do whatever it takes not to multitask as much as possible. 

What are your best tips for expanding efficiency? 

Love, Sia

Floral and fruity fragrances

October 21, 2015

hello, to stay aware of all the buzz, one need bunches of freshness around, and to keep up the state of mind, I have these three astonishing aromas that are botanical fruity and minimal zesty.

Oriflame: Love elixir EDT: The aroma has an oriental character and depends on two primary fixings known as aphrodisiacs - ginger and chocolate, Erotic nature and affectability of the fragrance is given by ginger and flavors from India. It proceeds with colorful fragrances of somewhat sweet cocoa blooms, new tangerine, delicate lily, and vanilla. The entire enticing and warm arrangement is gathered together by tonka beans and sandalwood. Shades of this release are a red shade of energy and secretive dark.

Bath and bodyworks, Mad about you: Sumptuously sprinkle or gently spritz this aroma, whichever way you'll begin to look all starry eyed at first fog! Aloe sustains skin for the lightest, most invigorating approach to scent! An adoration struck matching of delicate peonies and dark currant kissed with velvety vanilla musk

Top Notes: Dark Currant, Delectable Strawberry, Shimmering Cassis

Mid Notes: Ginger Lily, Splendid Peony, Pink Jasmine

Dry Notes: Golden Wood, White Patchouli, Vanilla Musk

Victoria's secret, pure seduction: Aroma from the Victoria's Secret Garden accumulation. It's a blend of melon, plum and freesia influences you to feel absolutely powerful and tempting. Opens with plum, at that point Chamomile and end with persona freesia. It's more botanical and plum.

What was your best pics this season?

Dove Rescue master plan!

October 7, 2015

I am satisfied to share my current hair protect mission with all of you.

I have been nostalgic about pigeon items all my life. Regardless of whatever items I utilize, I generally have a bird reinforcement some place in house. The pigeon cleanser is stunning and as it have great purging and saturating properties. It suits practically every skin sort, unless you have extraordinary slick skin.

I have as of late utilized these pigeon items and here are my surveys.

Pigeon cream magnificence washing bar: This one cleanser I can never turn out badly with in any long stretch of the year. It washes down, non chafing and non drying, skin feels extremely delicate even after first use.

Bird go crisp dampness cleanser bar: Affirm now! this one is the first occasion when I attempted this cleanser, with cucumber benefits, however I for one incline toward the essential bar. I didn't see much contrast in aroma or eventual outcome then the fundamental bar

Bird coconut drain and jasmine cleanser bar (Overlooked the photo): coconut and jasmine in shower!!! Would anything be able to notice more Hawaiian than this? notwithstanding what Bird cleanser assume to do. I have no words to depict the decency of this one. This one is an absolute necessity attempt!

Hair fall safeguard cleanser and Hair-fall protect conditioner:

Both the cleanser and conditioner have a thick consistency. On a customary use for a couple of days, I found an observable diminishment in my hair breakage. so I think! in the event that you are on a financial plan and need a decent fix this one pair is an unquestionable requirement have.

I have as of late rebonded and rectified my hair and I trust the synthetic got over-chipped away at the hair; the outcome now is terrible hair breakage. There were days when I was scared to try and touch my hair dreading the hair breakage and fall.

So I decided on an essential answer for settle it...

I connected with a dermatologist to recommend me some multi-vitamins and other dietary supplements to guarantee greatest care from roots.

As all of you know I have had long hair for very lengthy time-frame. I needed something else for a change thus I settled on a short hair length keeping in mind the end goal to dodge hair buns and hairpins. As making hairdos or keeping up length isn't prudent in light of the fact that they prompt more hair pulling and breakage. I think straight hair looks astonishing with a-line scruff trims with slight layering in front. So I got them hacked!

I arranged a 3 days seven days natively constructed hair veil solution for settle the nourishment supply for hair harm. I will haul out the DIY for all of you in an alternate post soon. :)

At that point, I at long last finished it with standard purifying with Bird hairfall cleanser and conditioner. It worked! I am upbeat! That I don't have hair fall by any stretch of the imagination! yap! no hair fall (obviously the hair breakage is there however its extremely lesser similarly.)

In this way, This is the manner by which I protected an awful hair treatment time without spending a dime on costly salons. I ponder! have anybody at any point had awful hair treatment encounter also? provided that this is true! how you saved it?

New addiction | Dangler Earrings

September 30, 2015

Today I am sharing my September most loved dangler income with all of you and I am really energized. 

I like the change of darker tumble to white winters. In particular, I am all the more a December fan, however, this year, September was likewise uncommon! 

There was a great deal of family visits, occasions, and festivities in India. I was voyaging light and that implies fewer embellishments. I was truly in a fix and there was currently path for me to go and locate a couple of pieces to put resources into! yet, hello amazement to me from September! 

I got a scaled down bundle the distance from China! 

A couple of months prior I requested some dangler studs (I totally overlooked it) and as all of you realize that Chinese conveyance is extremely moderate (with a few vendors), well! for my situation, there was no possibility of getting them until the following month. Do remark beneath and let me know whether you at any point had the defer conveyance encounter. 

I requested these smaller than usual dangler profit haphazardly to attempt first! at that point after months when they got conveyed now, I am still in stun and shocked. haha.. They are super light and decent quality, and according to the value, they are diamonds in the crate. 

I grabbed different size danglers since I needed to attempt them for long, I rarely wear danglers yet the ones I possess are substantial. I am entirely content with the buys and searching for more alternatives to get it conveyed all the more rapidly next time. 

They ran well with the Indian party dresses and easygoing suits additionally, I may combine them to work for parties on the off chance that I am not wearing some other extras on. Expectation you like them as well! 

On the off chance that you know any great/fast conveyance alternative vendor, who has great audits, I might want to find out about them, please propose in the remark box underneath... 

New Purchases | September 2015

September 12, 2015

Over the most recent couple of months, I have been extremely bustling exchanging work and other voyaging things. I have additionally gathered a ton of excellence and cosmetics items 

to impart to all of you. 

Today I might want to share a simple on taking audit. 

Maybelline shading sprout lip analgesic in shade pink bloom: when I got it, I was expecting a pink tinted lip ointment however it ended up being a shading evolving demulcent. It is ideal for me as Yesterday I overlooked my lipstick and rather this medicine spared my day and kept me secured lasting through the day, More often than not it stays 5-6 hours however the light shading shade remains and is effectively removable with a cosmetics remover. It accompanies SPF 16, This is I now most loved for a swim or open-air days. 

Jovees eye form cream: light, not weepy and smooth mix, I have been utilizing this little one for like 15 days now and felt it works, it saturates well and helps unwind the under eye region. I would heartedly suggest this eye cream of you are searching for the best arrangement under a financial plan. 

Dr. Batra's hand sanitizer: I lean toward simple drying and gel-based sanitizers outside which are spill confirmation. this one as it says non-alcoholic and is water based with tulsi, I utilize it inside, generally in my investigation work area. Its aroma is mellow and calming. 

That is for toward the beginning of today companions! 

Until next post... 


Bright Shades

August 17, 2015

It's Harvest time and the early morning climate is lovely on some days. I woke up and discovered my espresso calling

what's more, I needed to impart my considerations to all of you. I don't know where my blog is heading now but rather no doubt I am moving gradually and consistently.

Blogging some of the time is a major errand for me, for quite a long time when I don't see my blog; I feel a section is missing and keeping in mind that I am experiencing the written work process, I truly need to propel myself for it. So its an on and off undertaking for me. On a common day, my morning schedule is like..... awakening early took after by a fast shower and Cleaning of the house at that point planning my day ahead finished some espresso.

I needed to break that normal and like I said in the past presents that I need on compose progressively and deal with the expertise. I got myself more beneficial in mornings when I wake up and have new thoughts.

I ponder what individuals do in the mornings now and then? is it accurate to say that they resemble me? sluggish and napping the caution for long? or then again they simply 'fly up in a flash like a popcorn' out of bed? haha.. Do tell me in the remarks underneath! I would love to hear your considerations.

Is it true that you are additionally one of those individuals who disdain the bluntness of harvest time infrequently and after that wanna accomplish a comment temperament that day? I have been feeling this of late and I got back home to this little box. I cherish hues, the lighter brighter the better. :)

As a bustling working ladies in mid-twenties, I scarcely motivate time to watch out of the window and investigate the brighter side of life.

I will take these hues as a motivation and exit more in nature. all things considered, a great life is about an all-around voyaged life brimming with undertakings.
Whats your take on fall?
I would love to know, How you pop up that mood?

Vaseline Rose and almond oil jelly

August 9, 2015

Lip Treatment with Rose and Almond oil: Vaseline Oil Jam Ruddy Lips is flawless to keep lips sound and secure. In any case,

the others that, I have used so far were a considerable measure Chappy, sticky or infrequently finished fluid (tends to look pouty). While, then again, Vaseline lip treatment is exceptionally useful.

Its surface is thick and exceptionally rich. It draws out the common blushing tones in your lips by alleviating and tenderly tinting.

Everything that accompanies a name is hitting back to the cheeky retro look, Vaseline raised with this exceptionally adorable round little tin.

Step by step instructions to enjoy: Apply generously as and when required.

A debt of gratitude is in order for dropping by, Please share your perspectives on utilizing oil jam.

Until next post.

Oriflame smash! | Beauty Haul

July 23, 2015

I am attached to fall; this is the month when new patterns surge the market and new excellence and restorative dispatches happen. On my current trek to India, I did a considerable measure of looking for new excellence and cosmetics items. Today I am sharing my audits on Oriflame India beauty care products.

I was acquainted with Oriflame as a child and over years I had utilized so may Oriflame items and preferred them. I practically disregard this brand until the point when I saw a September pamphlet at my mums' house on my current visit to India. I instantly requested a rundown of items.

I am an exceptionally upbeat to share this Oriflame pull with all of you today.

The pure color on the go lipstick in Rich red and radiant red shade: cherish further shades in red in mid-year and particularly in fall. These two shades are unadulterated in shading color, smooth and exceptionally advancing.

Hair X smooth and sleek styling hair cream: I have as of late rebonded my hair and I get a kick out of the chance to style my hair on a consistent schedule, I am searching for a lightweight answer to hold the essential everyday styles without looking oily. I think this will work. After the clench, hand utilizes it felt smooth as it has keratin and even following a long day at work my hair still feels delicate and frizz free.

Femelle refreshing intimate wash: We all know how essential is to have a intimate wash. I loved this formula, it keeps me clean and fresh for longer as it is soap free and have lotus flower extracts.

Natures secret soap bar with soothing rose extracts: This little one I am using for the first time, it smells rose and cleans well. The best thing is the flowery smell stays all day. :)

Optimals system 8 whitening toothpaste: I haven't used it at length as I keep on switching toothpaste every day. The best part so far is it keeps my teeth and mouth fresh longer than other whitening toothpaste I have used. 

One compact powder: This one is for everyday use when I am in rush for work and do not wanna spend time on makeup. I just puff some dust and I am good to go. Its light, but have a good coverage. I would recommend it for dry days use as in humid it might feel slightly heavy and patchy.

What is your favorite direct marketing cosmetic brand?

Garnier and vaseline Cocoa body lotion review

July 9, 2015

I, by and large, utilize exceptionally solid body moisturizers or creams, ones that are thick in nature, which following a couple of hours of use leaves a thin layer of (straightforward like) oily preliminary or something... 

It is humiliating to apply a decent layer of cream staring you in the face and go shopping leaving your fingerprints on all that you touch. I as of late went over some extraordinary body salves, which are spending agreeable.

Therefore, my two special picks are: 
Garnier intense 7 day’s cocoa: It is strongly hydrating and yes, it gives the best outcome in only a weeks (as a starter for extremely dry skin). I cherish cocoa scents yet actually didn't care for the cocoa adaptation of this arrangement. The principal thing (attempting the first time) you see is a stunning surface and quick permeableness leaving skin delicate. It doesn't stop up pores, however, watch the amount while utilizing over the face (could be overwhelming underneath cosmetics) Generally speaking, I would profoundly suggest this item for regular utilize. Particularly in winters.
Vaseline cocoa radiant: I was uncertain about this little wonder, so I purchased a specimen size to attempt clench hand. The primary thing I see is its glorious aroma (cocoa and to some degree coconut). It's not oily, brisk retaining and feels extremely light for the duration of the day. I would very suggest this and I think I need to purchase a full size for myself. :D 

What is your favorite daily wear body lotion?

Home away from home! Dublin!

June 9, 2015

Hello Everybody!
When I think of Dublin, a city I have called home in the past years, I remember of some of its more obvious landmarks. I think of O’Connell Street and St. Stephen’s Green. The Temple Bar area, Dublin’s nightlife mecca with its torrent pubs and clubs, spring immediately to my mind. Dublin is indeed one of the European Union’s most vibrant, spirited, and forward-thinking metropolises. Few things are harder to write, so as my feelings for Dublin.

If you are an expat travelling often, I would like to know your experience shifting, settling and moving again because only we know we have more than just packing to deal with. Isn't it? 
Until Next post...

Zanedo: Beauty box review

May 28, 2015

Hello everyone!
I am super excited to share the very first beauty box on my blog. As you know; I am living in Dubai for quite some time now,s I thought why not try a beauty box from UAE and see how it works than the ones in other countries.
After some careful search on the beauty box subscription available here, I finally ordered 'Zanedo' The company claimed a hearty box with 7 samples and 3 out of them will be full-size products. I opted for a 3-month subscription, Just to try at first. If you wish you can choose a 6 month or a year package as well.

Delivery: The delivery took almost 2 weeks.

Packing: A neat packing in a hard-case reusable sliding box. Better than the other products that we get with unwanted excessive packing. I suggest the liquids should have been packed with 2 products were a little leaked. 
Products: 1. Jergens Soothing Aloe body lotion: (Really?) I wasn't expecting a regular drugstore body lotion in a beauty box. This one product is full size; It will definitely last for a long time.
Review: It's a thick body lotion with some really good moisturizing properties. You can try this product if you have irritated the skin by weather changing, as a pocket moisturizer. It's not sticky as per the thick texture. Its power ingredient is Aloe Vera to give that quick soothing and a little cooling effect with stays for 5-6 hours. 
2: Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula: I am so not happy about getting the similar products in my beauty box and there is nothing new in them to try. But hey! they may know that cocoa is my fav in body lotions ;)
3: SYNC UNISCENT: The opening notes are very strong but it lasts only an hour max.
4: Makeup cone blender: The sponge is soft on the skin and does a great job. I prefer this style as it is easy to hold and blend.
5: Photomodel foundation: I am holding onto this one. I will review it soon in #makeup.
Overall I am least satisfied with this box. 
It is indeed worth money overall but is I really willing to expect regular drugstore skin products? How was your experience with Zanedo box? Please share your views below. 
Until then!

Favourite Coral Lipsticks!

April 9, 2015

I have a all time favourite lipcolor I cannot imagine living without...
Max factor in shade 827, bewitching coral: It has a high pigment colorant and moisturising properties. The colour stays on more then 6 hours.
and the other side-kick
Revlon in shade 674 coral berry: I like it very much as an additional lipstick when I am running out of the first one. It has barely visible shimmer, perfect for everyday nude minimal makeup look.
I prefer these two shades anytime all year round.

What are your all-time favourite Lipsticks?

Garnier Light day and Night wonder!

March 9, 2015

Good morning friends!
I am trying to keep up with my morning routine ritual and writing is one of them, I chose to wake up an hour early than usual and see the difference is already there as I am writing for you more frequently now. 
Isn't it awesome?

I wanted to share with all you all another hearty post of products which I like, I have combination to oily skin texture and my skin is always thirsty for some freshness. I have previously used lemon in various products but a day and night cream is something I wanted to try. I was scared of the bleaching effect that can leave patchy and peeling skin. One of my friends suggested to use this duo and I thought no harm anyway trying something for a week, I took up the challenge to myself and bought the duo Garnier light up day cream and light and radiant night boost cream

I must tell, not only this smells lemon but worked well. I would strongly recommend this if you have my type of skin and looking for something fresh under a budget as a daily skin care routine. 
Even I tried skipping it for a day or two in between and my skin still felt clean and soft. There is an improvement in uneven skin tone as well. 

I hope you all like the review. Let me know in the comment section below about your favourite budget daily skin care routine.

until then...

How to stay happy with your blog?

February 17, 2015

ImageSource: unlockdemocracy.com

A successive issue bloggers at times faces is being troubled with their blog. I have been there and had a craving for stopping and I did that as well, I have been blogging for 7 years and erased my blog a few times. I was despondent with the way it was and felt I am trapped in an endless cycle. I am resolved now not to erase or get exhausted of WinterPeet. I would prefer not to make a sole billion devotees here, I target it towards my objective of self-change and learning. Along these lines, getting uneasiness about individuals not following or remarking isn't engaged. Here are my tips on how I felt content with my blog.

- Make content you adore

- Change the shading plan or format of your blog (Remember to take a reinforcement)

- Take motivation from all over the place (Your blog can shape into a diary for you to share those picturesque pictures you went up against a last end of the week or occasion, It can be a DIY blog for the make you, It can be an audit particular blog or everything all-together)

- Grasp what you have

- Plan ahead (There are those occasions when you are for the most part inventive and seething of thoughts, Compose numerous posts that time, or make notes of thoughts to deal with later)

- Dependably endeavor to take a shot at pre-planned posts

- Remain true

- Be sure of what you have and not contrast yourself and different bloggers

- Be more sorted out

- and last however not simply the minimum 'Don't be hard'

What are your best tips on remaining Content on your blog?

blogger to word-press any Ideas?

January 16, 2015

Image source: Google Images

It's 11:30 at night now and I am here battling amidst blogger and WordPress crush today and ponder what it will look like to change from blogger to word-press?

I have seen such tremendous writings online of people raving about WordPress. Blogger: at this stage its definitely not hard (until now) to use in any case. Yet hello, the circles here at this end, once in a while the adsense 'gets off' making the whole configuration looking pitiful. I am suspecting a smoother version with accomplices, so to have the right data on items purchases and the coherent looking layout. Could be a reason to vine about (Well! after uploading the template thrice tonight I still have bugs)

I have never used Wordpress ever yet regardless of all that I should need to give it a shot. The essential point of view of this blog for me is to share my life (a bit) with all of you and for that, I require a less troublesome stage to tackle!

If its all the same to you all as well, please comment down below a couple of recommendations or points of view or experiences or basically anything related.

Your comments are to a great degree key for me to know, what way; I should take my direction on this.
Until next post | Love, Sia

Carve out a Niche

January 2, 2015

Hi lovelies! 

I trust all of you are doing admirably. Today while refreshing one of my online profiles, I went over an article; that I composed for a main news paper back when I was in college. My living is a fantasy and my fantasies are my life...

Publication: The Times Of India Lucknow; Date: Oct 31, 2011; Section: Education Times; Page: 23

Sia Sehrawat, a student of Dublin Business School (DBS), Ireland, is pursuing Masters of Business Administration to understand various areas of business.

After completing my graduation and acquiring sufficient work experience, I realised that at this stage of my life, an international degree will be highly beneficial.

Having sound knowledge with a keen interest in soft skills, I choose to study Human Resource Management. Needless to say, the choice of university is of paramount importance. After taking up a score of 8 in my Ielts and a thorough research on the colleges, I decided my destination, Dublin Business School, Ireland.

A brilliant faculty, excellent facilities and tradition of academic excellence, Dublin Business School (DBS), Ireland, is indeed an ideal place to study. My application got selected on the bases of my SOP and academic background. Also, I got a scholarship of £ 1000.

DBS not only provides core education but also offers a practical approach intellectually. Group discussions, club meetings and other such activities are regular on its agenda. There are many awards in credit for the college for sports and other activities. The teaching method is more interactive and the lectures and mostly based on practical details of the subject. There is a supervisor assigned, who helps us in the subjects, for every student and also an appointment with any of the professors can be easily made via email.

DBS believes in an overall development of a student. They organize regular guest lecturer visits. Their method of teaching is very interesting and hardly any student misses out any of the classes. We were lately introduced on working on our CVs and other psychological subjects which are very important to handle and groom personality traits as a professional. Recently, I witnessed a job fair, as advised by the college, and it was quite an informative and enlightening.

Studying abroad creates various job opportunities and helps an individual to become more resourceful, strategic and self-reliant. One can also opt for a maximum of 20 hrs part-time work to gain experience in the relevant field. Also, a year of work permits after completion of the degree.

After completing my MBA, I would like to gain some work experience as an HR manager and practice my technical skills by working in a different and diverse organization. I'd like to pursue PhD sometime later in life. There is a lot more to learn and achieve in the human resource sector in Ireland.
I am quite a substance to realize that, regardless of being on and off the vocation way, I figured out how to pace up to the point and my fantasy.

I trust you are additionally working towards your fantasy and becoming showbiz royalty... as well...

On the off chance that you have something comparable for us to move, I might want to think about you. :D

Until a next dazzling post of dreams, love, and experience. Here's to you!

also, have an upbeat end of the week...
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