Ted baker lip cryons!

December 9, 2014

A large portion of us has seen the Clinique chubby sticks or Revlon just bitten balm stains. Among all, I picked Ted Baker. This astonishing A5 sized reusable box (I am using that as my hairpin storage) metallic tin with an adorable studded bunch lace and a Ted Dough puncher label comprises of four lip colored pencils in it, is an ideal present for a kindred lipstick darling.

Ted Baker is an awesome brand that makes little surprises from time to time. I encountered four pleasantly pigmented shades-A raspberry pink, strawberry pink, mauve and a plum. There is just barely a ted bread cook logo on them, no name L. They accompany a wind base style.

Weight: 1.5g of item each

Aside from leaving a little gleam, I was exceptionally astounded to find that; they have a decent color and look like lipstick. I utilize and them practically consistently and tossed one in my pack for an everyday evening touch upon the grounds that I don't care for utilizing a dull or high pigmented lipstick after lunch. Only a bit of saturating and shading works flawlessly for me. They are not scented and coast on lips, the surface is exquisite and there is no crude inclination to them; they truly feel like a lip demulcent. My most loved is raspberry pink and mauve they are so exquisite and perfect for winter.

I found them worth each and every penny. They do come as an awesome esteem contrasted with Clinique tubby stick (INR 1343) and Revlon just nibbled ointment stains which is (INR 700). Be that as it may, on the off chance that you decide on this set as every, Ted bread cook colored pencils works out at just (INR 417)

Which is your most loved lip recolor?
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