Tarocco Moisturiser

May 9, 2014

I so long wanted to share my views on few of my favourite products that I already tried and loved. I will be updating single or twin product reviews all this January. Today I am starting with Tarocco moisturiser.

I have a strong liking for citrus or fruity fragrances and I pick up any product that has an energising scent without feeling guilty about it later.   
now, I found this little tube of orange moisturiser. Apart from it's delicious scent it moisturises and soften the skin so magically without leaving excessive shine.

Contains: Italian olive oil extracts, extracts of Sicilian red oranges and other powerful antioxidants

 Fragrance: Very clean, refreshing Orange

Texture: Its consistency is creamy rich yet very light and absorbs in skin just like that
I will definitely get myself a full size pack now. :) 

I hope you like this post and If you want me to review any other product please leave a comment below or email me. 
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