March 23, 2014

Hello Everybody!
Have you ever tried a random place for a cuppa coffee or lunch?
Who doesn't admire a fancy random place? There is always a place you like only because of the notion behind it's name. I have listed a few of them. This one's one of is my share of experience.

It’s not very often when I go on a spectacular tea break as I am more of a coffee person. Even after being in company of all tea drinkers I never thought of at-least trying it. The other day I came across this conceptual tea shop (CHAAYOS). The name and tagline is clear. One can always get a surprisingly unique cup of tea and enjoy a coffee house like experience. Week after week they introduce a new blend; I was amazed to see chilli tea combination.
Though I didn't find the seating arrangement comforting (used to of lounge arrangement) but if you are on the go; this place is ideal.
Do’s: Take a friend along (enjoy wonderful chit-chat over a great tea)
Carry a book or your music player as the place is based in cyber city hence no music. The ambiance is neat and the sandwiches are to drool for.
Look for: Easily instructed fairly price menu (You will leave with happy pocket)
My first ever experience in a tea shop was great. I think now I won’t mind having tea occasionally.

 What's your favourite 'tea or coffee'?
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Until next post...
chao! chaayos 

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