March 9, 2014

Hello there, second week back home is good. This week we had a few short outings, which we spend exploring cafes and other stores in city. While a short walk-in in an art store the other day a few memories of Dublin flash-backed. Everything was so different there from there, from where; I lived my life.
This started three years back when I took a little scholarship and moved to Dublin from my masters study program. A person who’s never away from home for a day is going for 2 year straight away (what’s the big deal! Thinking now) to a different land (mother got biggest shock on my declarations for choosing one as an option).
Anyway, I still went ahead and took the honor of being the first person in my family to kick medical and engineering out of my way and chose business study as my option.
I think Ireland is a great place to study if you are considering a study option. Seek for opportunities to study in one of the oldest and fines (try trinity), the most crazy and fun people to get drunk and party with (try temple bar) and the tastiest and cheapest baguette ever (comment below if you think same).
I am happy with my decision because for some reason, I hate being in hospitals or on a construction site, they doesn't give a good vibe n make me sad. Working in a corporate firm is where I belong to, and believes this is the best career choice for me. I am content with what? I got a management degree, lots of friends and some amazing great memories. More or less sometimes, I believe in making it big and contributing to business theories. 

Do leave a comment below if you have been to Ireland and think It’s a great place for study.

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