Throwback friends meet!

February 16, 2014

Aloha! my lovely feeling festivities sugar buns. :)

I would love to share some magic moments with you all. These pictures define our fabulous friendship and time tale. After almost ages we decided to meet and this is what happened...

What are your best friend moment? 
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Tanya Burr launch

February 1, 2014

How about we start this lovely tiny little feb with some fresh colours on your nails.

My favourite British you tuber and blogger, Makeup artist Tanya burr have just launched her makeup range 'Tanya Burr collection by EYE CANDY'. I am crazily excited to try my hands on the lovely 12-lip gloss and 10-nail colour range. It’s sad to see the range is small, however for a start, take a look at the colours, they are really fresh and gorgeous. 

They are priced £ 6.99 for the lip-gloss, whereas the nail polishes are just at £ 5.99 each (happy). You can purchase them @ FeelUnique online store with free worldwide shipping. It will also be in stores but there is no definite locations as of yet.

I wish her success and May she launches more makeup that is fun soon.
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