Ted baker lip cryons!

December 9, 2014

A large portion of us has seen the Clinique chubby sticks or Revlon just bitten balm stains. Among all, I picked Ted Baker. This astonishing A5 sized reusable box (I am using that as my hairpin storage) metallic tin with an adorable studded bunch lace and a Ted Dough puncher label comprises of four lip colored pencils in it, is an ideal present for a kindred lipstick darling.

Ted Baker is an awesome brand that makes little surprises from time to time. I encountered four pleasantly pigmented shades-A raspberry pink, strawberry pink, mauve and a plum. There is just barely a ted bread cook logo on them, no name L. They accompany a wind base style.

Weight: 1.5g of item each

Aside from leaving a little gleam, I was exceptionally astounded to find that; they have a decent color and look like lipstick. I utilize and them practically consistently and tossed one in my pack for an everyday evening touch upon the grounds that I don't care for utilizing a dull or high pigmented lipstick after lunch. Only a bit of saturating and shading works flawlessly for me. They are not scented and coast on lips, the surface is exquisite and there is no crude inclination to them; they truly feel like a lip demulcent. My most loved is raspberry pink and mauve they are so exquisite and perfect for winter.

I found them worth each and every penny. They do come as an awesome esteem contrasted with Clinique tubby stick (INR 1343) and Revlon just nibbled ointment stains which is (INR 700). Be that as it may, on the off chance that you decide on this set as every, Ted bread cook colored pencils works out at just (INR 417)

Which is your most loved lip recolor?

Moroccan OIL Product review

November 9, 2014

How I use it: 
Start with a small amount in the palm of your hands and work it through damp hair, after shampooing and conditioning. Start as usual with blow-dry and styling. 

I would definitely repurchase this wonder. 

Begin with a little sum in the palm of your hands and work it through moist hair, in the wake of shampooing and molding. Begin as regular with blow-dry and styling.

I would repurchase this ponder.

In spite of the fact that it's quite costly yet truly! it's justified, despite all the trouble.

It is an incredible item, particularly intended for hair that is extremely harmed by concoction preparing or normally dry.

I trust you like this little survey. In the event that you did then give it a huge pound up and bear in mind to remark beneath to share your extraordinary treatment oil. Until than!

Tony & Guy Reconstruction Mask

October 9, 2014

hello Everybody!
I adore hair masks and particularly the once that are thick equations. As a rule with thicker equations, I feel that it is working more as it sticks on applications and does not trickles out. Tony and guy mask is one of my most loved items that never disillusions me. My hair felt extremely delicate and sparkly at the main wash just… from that point forward, I continued utilizing it no less than twice per week.
This item is outrageously great; it infiltrates profoundly into harmed hair and strongly sustains hair. I would propose utilizing it in little amount as it may weight down your hair.
Application: take a little sum in your palm and spread uniformly. Leave it for around 4-5 minutes to work and wash. Blow-dry your hair and style not surprisingly. 

Have you attempted this item? What do you consider it?

Phone Haul

September 9, 2014

Hello Everybody!
Often makeup, beauty, cosmetics and food is expected from you being women. But hello! exceptions are always there. I am a gadget freak! Yes, I said it again and by now the world know it. I always try to experience every possible gadget, I can get my hands on and I love it.

Last year (It's never too late to remind yourself of lovely things in life) I got a couple of gadgets,mainly cellphones. I am breaking my regular cosmetic update routine by sharing some of my last year purchases with you. Hope you enjoy!
Xperia arc
Sony Ericsson xperia arc: Is an android smartphone (touchscreen).
I drooled over the amazing sleek and metal finish look. This guy have some seriously good features starting with the 4.2-inch (110 mm) touch-screen, the mobile BRAVIA engine which optimizes the picture and runs at a resolution of 854×480 pixels, a 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, an 8.1 mega-pixel camera, HDMI-out, 512 MB of RAM. What not to love about?
My rating: 4.5 out 5

blackberry curve
BlackBerry curve 8520: Candy phone (qwerty keypad)
I wanted to experience something old school typos. This little cellphone have quite a lot to offer, but is not as promising as others in the same price range. It has BlackBerry OS 5.0, 2 mp camera, you can have SMS (threaded view), MMS, Email, IM. I used whats-app and a couple of other little games on it. It's very slow in terms of loading or on/off. If you have patience or are new to multimedia phone with easy texting. This boy is for you. 
My rating: 1.5 out 5

Sony Xperia U
Sony Xperia U: Is an android smartphone 
Features 3G, 3.5″ TFT captivate touchscreen, 5 MP camera, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth. It's really small and powerful. Perfect companion for texting through various sites in phone apps.
My rating: 4 out 5

Apple 4s
Apple: Apple 4S
Design, display, Quality, performance....I can just brag on and on about this one here.... I litrelly lived 7.5 months straightaway with this one. I still love it. Loaded with 8 MP camera, Apple iOS 5 and great touchscreen.
My rating: 4.5 out 5 

Xperia m
Sony Xperia M: 4.1 jelly bean
Underneath its hood you'll find a 1,700mAh battery (which has a reported talk time of around 9 to 10 hours) and a 1 GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro dual-core processor. 5 MP rear and 0.5 MP front camera I loved it's sleek design to core and really enjoyed its non slippery design. Perfect gift for someone you love. Offers great features at this amazing prize.
My rating: 4.5 out 5

Nokia 108
Take charge. The Nokia 108's beefed-up battery and standby time of up to 31 days keeps you in charge and ready to go for longer. This little Dual sim candy features 1.8″ TFT display, VGA camera, Bluetooth. Perfect phone for everybody.
My rating: 4.5 out 5

and last but not the least...which Mr. A recently bought for me on valentine.

Sony miro
Sony xperia miro: Android smartphone
I didn't find much difference between m and miro. Android smartphone. Features 3G, 3.5″ TFT display, 5 MP camera, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth. It's more easy to hold and type texts.
My rating: 3.5 out 5

So this was my Phone haul. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you did do give it a BIG thumbs up. Until next post stay tuned.

DIY Bookmarks

August 9, 2014

Reading may be a addictive hobby for some but still there comes a point where you get bored; bored of the smelly yellowish pages, the black and white contrasting combination may not be appealing then. I often quixotically look for bookmarks. Traditionally there are paper (geeky looking) and metal (country souvenirs) bookmarks. 

   The other day I came across an old box of beads! Yes beads! (Speaking of which I never throw away my jewellery  even if it's broken and store it in a box) Over years I managed to save nearly all of them. Now here is what I did to them...

I choose a mix of all colours and Plain thread (I had one; I bought long time back for some school craft). Sort 5 or 6 of them and string them up at the end knot on the other side to hold the beads. 


This is what came out as result...
 I like the pressed beads as they have more bright colours and stringed them in traditional way. You can choose as per your like or mix and match.
I hope you like it.
Try them yourself and create a winsome book-shelf. 
Don't forget to review. If you like to DIY things, I would love to share your creation on WinterSnuggle. Simply drop in your email with your Idea.
Until Next post...

Loreál Shampoo Review and shopping

July 12, 2014

More than shopping about anything else, I have a passion for collecting luggage. May it sound crazy; I buy at least 3-4 luggage every year. 
 No wonder, I be the shopping spree sometimes. (wink-wink)

 This is my outfit, I wore for the amazing event at taj hotel.
Dress and Belt: Van-Heusen 
Shoes: Aldo cat pumps
Notebook: Nightingale Notebooks
Nina Ricci EDT
Bengals: Accessories 
Trouser: Kazo

I aimed this post to be short and about recent purchases only, that it is! but then I can't keep myself from reviewing about beauty products here. Oh! that reminds me I am not doing product reviews these days and being absolute bore in that segment. I will try to bring up more reviews very soon. :)
So with these amazing beauties, here we go...
L'Oreal color protection shampoo and conditioner
Shampoo: Thick inconsistency and a bit loud in fragrance. Overall I like the feel after washing and conditioning. It cleanses well without drying and does the job well. I would rate it 6 out of 10 
Conditioner: It's thick like most of L'Oreal conditioners but the effect is great after continuous use. Try it at least once; before buying expensive shampoos and conditioners formulated for color-treated hair.

L'Oreal total repair 5 repairing shampoo
Shampoo: This is my all time fav in winters! I prefer cooling shampoos in summers as I live in a hot country. This one is thick in consistency and has a very strong fragrance. The feel after using the product at the very first time is salon-like. Try it, it's absolutely worth it and very best in this range. I would rate this 9 out of 10. (1 being the least liked and 10 being the most loved product). I am taking one out because I would like it to be a little bit light and minty. (still dreaming)

That's all for now.
I hope you enjoyed this post and don't forget to leave a comment below if you do so.
until next post, Sia

Sunny day break

July 9, 2014

Hello Everybody!
It's hot very hot outside and I can't bear hot weather; despite the heat, I thought to break my boring schedule. 
After a long time we went out on a purposeless drive and that was amazing. Sometimes it doesn't matter how hectic your schedule is just break it all and sneak out. Recharge and revive yourself.  

Top: Vero moda, Scarf, Rings: Bershka, Jeans: Levis, Watch: DKNY, Jeans: Levis

Where did you go for that little extra mini break? :)

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Neutrogena and The body shop Face wash

June 9, 2014

I have a face-wash fetish. Therefore, every time while shopping, I end up buying at least one face wash. I keep a virtuous eye for products that are slightly minty or leave a tingling feel after wash. This month I selected two of my favourites with you. Specially designed for everyday use, concentrating on those with blemished skin; I do not have any blemish in particular, still I dared to try them because of the clean and brightening effect they leave.
1) Neutrogena visibly clear 2 in 1 wash and mask:
I got this in full size and it lasted for almost 3 months. This is an amazing product if you are looking for a virtuous cleaning skin. It is a great every-day face wash and if you want a more intense clean up, leave it for 5-10 minutes. It tends to dry your skin a little, so make sure you use a good toner and moisturiser afterwards. 
Company claims- ‘It is a great product to wash away make-up, dirt or excess oil and help prevent blemishes’
I think- The company claims are true and I felt an instant clean, brighten and refreshed skin that lasted for 7-8 hours. I would like to buy this product again. 
Another wonder find
2) The body shop: Tea tree face wash
This product comes in a see through bottle, looks great when full. 
Company claims- Removes excess oil without over-drying skin, helps remove impurities and mild enough for daily usage
I think- The company claims are true; it smells great and does its job well. However, its freshness stays for only 2-3 hours, which is a turn-off for me. I really enjoyed using up this product only because of its fragrance. I may buy a small pack again just to experience the tea tree aroma. 
What is your favourite face wash? I would like to know more about anything else around with Tea-Tree benefits.
Until next post!

Tarocco Moisturiser

May 9, 2014

I so long wanted to share my views on few of my favourite products that I already tried and loved. I will be updating single or twin product reviews all this January. Today I am starting with Tarocco moisturiser.

I have a strong liking for citrus or fruity fragrances and I pick up any product that has an energising scent without feeling guilty about it later.   
now, I found this little tube of orange moisturiser. Apart from it's delicious scent it moisturises and soften the skin so magically without leaving excessive shine.

Contains: Italian olive oil extracts, extracts of Sicilian red oranges and other powerful antioxidants

 Fragrance: Very clean, refreshing Orange

Texture: Its consistency is creamy rich yet very light and absorbs in skin just like that
I will definitely get myself a full size pack now. :) 

I hope you like this post and If you want me to review any other product please leave a comment below or email me. 
Until Next post

beautiful Ireland

April 9, 2014

Hello Everybody! 
I didn't do anything exciting this week to share with you all. So, I thought to share some pictures that I took randomly while on my stay in Ireland. I hope you like them. I would like you to share your favourite pictures. Leave a comment below with a link to your blog or your picture collection. I would love to visit and see.

I hope you like these pictures, if you do let me know. 
Until next post...


March 23, 2014

Hello Everybody!
Have you ever tried a random place for a cuppa coffee or lunch?
Who doesn't admire a fancy random place? There is always a place you like only because of the notion behind it's name. I have listed a few of them. This one's one of them...here is my share of experience.

It’s not very often when I go on a spectacular tea break as I am more of a coffee person. Even after being in company of all tea drinkers I never thought of at-least trying it. The other day I came across this conceptual tea shop (CHAAYOS). The name and tagline is clear. One can always get a surprisingly unique cup of tea and enjoy a coffee house like experience. Week after week they introduce a new blend; I was amazed to see chilli tea combination.
Though I didn't find the seating arrangement comforting (used to of lounge arrangement) but if you are on the go; this place is ideal.
Do’s: Take a friend along (enjoy wonderful chit-chat over a great tea)
Carry a book or your music player as the place is based in cyber city hence no music. The ambiance is neat and the sandwiches are to drool for.
Look for: Easily instructed fairly price menu (You will leave with happy pocket)
My first ever experience in a tea shop was great. I think now I won’t mind having tea occasionally.

 What's your favourite 'tea or coffee'?
Don't forget to share your experience with WinterSnuggle. 
Until next post...
chao! chaayos 


March 9, 2014

Hello there, second week back home is good. This week we had a few short outings, which we spend exploring cafes and other stores in city. While a short walk-in in an art store the other day a few memories of Dublin flash-backed. Everything was so different there from there, from where; I lived my life.
This started three years back when I took a little scholarship and moved to Dublin from my masters study program. A person who’s never away from home for a day is going for 2 year straight away (what’s the big deal! Thinking now) to a different land (mother got biggest shock on my declarations for choosing one as an option).
Anyway, I still went ahead and took the honor of being the first person in my family to kick medical and engineering out of my way and chose business study as my option.
I think Ireland is a great place to study if you are considering a study option. Seek for opportunities to study in one of the oldest and fines (try trinity), the most crazy and fun people to get drunk and party with (try temple bar) and the tastiest and cheapest baguette ever (comment below if you think same).
I am happy with my decision because for some reason, I hate being in hospitals or on a construction site, they doesn't give a good vibe n make me sad. Working in a corporate firm is where I belong to, and believes this is the best career choice for me. I am content with what? I got a management degree, lots of friends and some amazing great memories. More or less sometimes, I believe in making it big and contributing to business theories. 

Do leave a comment below if you have been to Ireland and think It’s a great place for study.

Throwback friends meet!

February 16, 2014

Aloha! my lovely feeling festivities sugar buns. :)

I would love to share some magic moments with you all. These pictures define our fabulous friendship and time tale. After almost ages we decided to meet and this is what happened...

What are your best friend moment? 
I hope you like this post! If you did!
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Until next post...

Tanya Burr launch

February 1, 2014

How about we start this lovely tiny little feb with some fresh colours on your nails.

My favourite British you tuber and blogger, Makeup artist Tanya burr have just launched her makeup range 'Tanya Burr collection by EYE CANDY'. I am crazily excited to try my hands on the lovely 12-lip gloss and 10-nail colour range. It’s sad to see the range is small, however for a start, take a look at the colours, they are really fresh and gorgeous. 

They are priced £ 6.99 for the lip-gloss, whereas the nail polishes are just at £ 5.99 each (happy). You can purchase them @ FeelUnique online store with free worldwide shipping. It will also be in stores but there is no definite locations as of yet.

I wish her success and May she launches more makeup that is fun soon.

January Favourites

January 9, 2014

Every month I chose some of my favourite beauty products that, I really like and used every single day. This year, I will be sharing my monthly favourites with all you loves.

Vaseline lip therapy rosy lips

I have already done a complete post about Vaseline and as you; all know my love for it. I am mad about it... It nourishes, hydrates your lips without being sticky, giving a little pink tone, which I think is good when you don’t want to wear lip colour and still wanna have a little nourishing hint of colour on your lips.

Bodyshop shimmer cube
A palette of four clever dazzling shades that can be mixed and match with other cube colours. It is crease-resistant (not free huh!) and suitable for contact-lens wearers (That caught my attention first) I love warm and brown, and bronze shades so I pick this amazing combination.

Maybelline eyeliner/kajal
This is also my all-time favourite and it went ahead this month in my fav list with pride. It is so easy to use kajal/liner with smooth texture. The best part is the amazing colour! You must try this at least once!

Deborah Lippmann cleopatra in NY! nail glitter
This is another wonder favourite nail polish from Deborah Lippmann’s Holiday 2012 collection – Cleopatra in NY! It got everything I need, infused with treatment benefits from ingredients such as biotin, green tea extract, and aucoumea. Now, these formulas are long-lasting, dry quickly, & apply evenly while high-quality pigments ensure eye-catching flash. This is full of gold glitters on a sheer black base. Just apply three coats to get the black base sufficiently opaque, and two coats of topcoat to get the shine.

I can never have enough of this amazing colour/glitter mix. Yay!
What do you think? (Wink Wink)

Maybelline BB cream
My perfect everyday saviour, it works as a light base, I just use a compact afterwards and I am good to go. The company claims to be having 8 in 1 benefits’ (Blurs imperfections, Brightens, Evens skin tone, Smooths, Hydrates, Enhances, • Protects with SPF 30, 0% oils and heavy ingredients). What more can you ask for?

Do you also have any January favourites? If you like this post give it a thumps up and don't forget to stay tuned for more beauty products. 
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