October 1, 2013

Hello Everybody!
It's October again! but there's always a share of good and bad months in a year. My more goody  September like every year was mind-blowing. All my life I love this flurry feeling in September along with having a cup of coffee reading articles somewhere outside town and enjoy sight of passing autumn. People everywhere talking about Halloween, Painting their houses, dog vaccinations and a lot more...    

 There are a few things I would like to keep forever in my September notes. First I finally managed to buy some cool sunglasses for myself after a long time. (MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Phew!)

Also made me realise.. Why I like October! because ... I get to plan my winter vacation.
   But hey hang on...suddenly today while browsing some random pages on Google, I made a little discovery that 'October is popcorn popup and chilli month' declared nationally for those in the US. There is no feeling like eating popcorn on Halloween afternoon with a great classic movie. I am not much of a popcorn fan but yeah chilli in meal is like chocolate top-up on ice-cream which gives sudden kick to those autumn blues and relaxing warmth for cold winters. 

I hope you all have also enjoyed a lovely September and planing for a wonderful winter like me. 

Send me your wonderful ideas and keep enjoying your great popcorn and chilli month.
Until next post...
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