December 29, 2013

Hello everybody!
I am a keen observer of ideas and inspirations. I came across this one of the fastest growing Indian souvenir brand 'Chumbak' by Shubhra Chandra.

    We received these lovely goodies the very next day (wink). Magnets (Dibbawala and bhangra), A cool metal box and a holy cow mouse pad.
My view on CHUMBAK: Must try if you are looking for some cool colours and fun designs which adds that extra tickling spirit to DO MORE IN LIFE.
Thank you for reading..Do share a link to let me know your favourite souvenir brand.
Until next post.

Cherry and me

December 9, 2013

THIS YEAR. There have been days when I was totally gaga over Cherry colour. I pared it with many things, here today I am sharing one of my assembled outfit from the past. 

Jeans: Levi's, Top: Pull & bear, Scarves: Bershka, Watch and wrist bands: DKNY, Bag: G, Shoes: Shoe Rack.
What is your favourite colour this year?
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Why? How? I wish! kind of post

November 7, 2013

Image source: Google Images
This is my first post for a start; I love reading, coffee and traveling to places that breeze my heart. I wanted to write about books, that I read and some other life experiences with coffee in hand. I will be more than happy if you like, share and comment to let me know how I can improve the online presence of this little space here.

Sometimes in a busy life schedule, it is not unusual to outgrow friends and sometimes family.  Over years dealing with my anxiety and panics, I wanted someone to share my feeling and thoughts with, but as life moves on my routine lead to boredom and I became antisocial. I seldom felt; It is unnecessary to socialize with people regularly and talk about same issues over and over again which will drain my mind! It takes a lot of efforts for me to pull myself out of the house on weekends. Even after working hard and a busy schedule, I felt that I am not having enough. I wanted some brain food (please correct me on that!), So! I started writing.

I am literally naive at expressing myself. Writing is also a form of expression. With this blog page, I wish to work on my language skills and hope to share some informative things as well with you.

Please join the page and support me through this new experience.

Thank you


October 1, 2013

Hello Everybody!
It's October again! but there's always a share of good and bad months in a year. My more goody  September like every year was mind-blowing. All my life I love this flurry feeling in September along with having a cup of coffee reading articles somewhere outside town and enjoy sight of passing autumn. People everywhere talking about Halloween, Painting their houses, dog vaccinations and a lot more...    

 There are a few things I would like to keep forever in my September notes. First I finally managed to buy some cool sunglasses for myself after a long time. (MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Phew!)

Also made me realise.. Why I like October! because ... I get to plan my winter vacation.
   But hey hang on...suddenly today while browsing some random pages on Google, I made a little discovery that 'October is popcorn popup and chilli month' declared nationally for those in the US. There is no feeling like eating popcorn on Halloween afternoon with a great classic movie. I am not much of a popcorn fan but yeah chilli in meal is like chocolate top-up on ice-cream which gives sudden kick to those autumn blues and relaxing warmth for cold winters. 

I hope you all have also enjoyed a lovely September and planing for a wonderful winter like me. 

Send me your wonderful ideas and keep enjoying your great popcorn and chilli month.
Until next post...

Chartreuse Yellow

September 9, 2013

I seldom wear yellow but trust me there has always been a great influence of yellow on me. Be it any shade (near to yellow or yellow like) works like magic on me, especially in the blue days. Work pressure and stress have a permanent room these days in our lives. My remedy to fight back that peer Pressure this week is with 'Chartreuse Yellow'.

Rings: (on right hand) my gold wedding ring (Custom made); On right hand: mix of Aldo, Forever 21, and Accessorize. Shoes: Sergio Todzi. Watch: Swatch. Blazer: Bershka. Dress: Neon. 
Don't forget to write me about your stress buster colour.
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