How to create a Capsule Wardrobe (being Indian edition)

March 5, 2019

Well honestly its been two years and I am still emptying my wardrobe but I am nearly there. Just one last lot and I am free of bundles and piles of clothes I spent my precious money on.
After binge watching all the "clear your closet clear your mindset" and all the "konmari" shite. I narrowed down my we go....

Now being Indian we all have those heavy dresses, saris and lehangas that we wear once and never use again (though we see them every Diwali while cleaning). Leaving my wedding dress (like who gives away their wedding dress); I either gifted or donated all my heavy Bollywood drama dresses (still holding on to a few though). GOD WHY??? on earth I started all this in the first place?

After all the good mind boggling temptations to shop, I need to focus on what to wear if I am throwing away will I manage a sense of style and everyday wear with fewer options.
Hence I made a GOAL!
TRAVEL!!!!! YES!!! TRAVEL!!!!!

also, I would like to spend lesser time getting ready.

1. The solution for both the requirements is a pre coordinated wardrobe and multifunctional usage or I can match a black kurta to a jegging/jeans/black pant/plazzo or skirt, giving it 5 looks in just 1 piece.
2. If everything is color coordinated it will take less time. hence, I am sticking to one color as base and then second color as a pop up (which I can wear on weekends), the last is a few optional dresses outside a shrug/blazer/scarf etc could change your entire look.
3. Quality over Quantity ALWAYS
5. Throw one Buy one mantra. In order to get rid of all the stuff I preowned it took me 2 years to clear out, I cant imagine going through all that again.
6. If still the little heart urges to shop, eat a cupcake and put the money in a piggy bank.
7. Don't be fooled with the SALE game. Remember every single sale shop makes double profit with the SALE game. You are still paying more!!!!!

I will update as soon as I get on with the new wardrobe, this is all happening as I planned so far, apart from ; I feel so poor sometimes with an empty wardrobe......

my top 5 fashion authorities.

February 11, 2019

Its very easy to find fashion ideas from everywhere around from latest magazines to blogs, style news on fashion shows to Instagram influencers. I have been humbled many times by the trends to follow. The biggest and foremost rule of my nature in styling is the comfort. I prefer to wear what I am most feel comfortable in, all while maintaining my capsule wardrobe.

I read it somewhere that everything we use has a wear per cost. For example. If I invest 400$ in a red dress for an event. It will look astonishing for the night. however, I would not wear it once more. Therefore the per-wear cost will come to 400$ but if I invest in a black dress which I will probably match with many options; let's say I wear it four more times. The per wear cost will get down to 100$. More likely to give me a value for money invested.

It's easy to get carried away with all the temptations of the fashion industry. Is it worth contributing all your diligent work investment funds on the things you lest likely to wear? Let me know in the comment section below about this idea, I would love to know more about such pushing factor for cost management all while being fashionable.

Presently, returning to the style authorities.

I look for inspirations as they help me layer/pair my wardrobe and makes it more functional and stay updated with the trends. Here is a portion of the style inspirations I swear by. A couple of  which are from the rundown is related travel. As you all know by now how much I love traveling. I use certain standards while shopping to keep my cash set up while having the best of the world.

1. In her shoes(Instagram): A gypsy and wild women who cherish voyaging and her astonishing Instagram handle is deserving of your time. She styles adorable while traveling seems like the only thing you would wanna do. I am awed by her Lightroom presets which are available to be purchased.. She styles charming while at the same time voyaging appears like the only thing you would wanna do. This thing about making considerable progress from whites to copper is exceptionally moving.

Photo by Jeremy Beadle on Unsplash

2: ACCESSORIES ARE THE MOST Imperative THINGS WHEN IT COMES TO STYLING: I never underestimate a bracelet or watch or a simply plain stud earrings pair with anything plain I am to wear. I do not blindly follow trends, especially in this area I choose the classic quality pieces rather than artificial random junk. For me less is always more.

Photo by Candice Picard on Unsplash

3: Colours: YOU CAN NEVER GO WRONG WITH A SPLASH OF COLOR...over anything plain. I am not suggesting to look like a clown though. But a statement scarf neatly hanging around your neck will look a million dollars. I personally like to invest in shiny/metallic/handmade/offbeat oxford comfortable shoes. Try wearing it with a pair of plain black jegging or a good ol t-shirt.

Photo by Hannah Skelly on Unsplash

4. Cover up: There are times when I go out and unlike any movie or tv series that I have watched I ask my husband "are you cold? Do you need my jacket?".  I have lived my entire life in cold cities..not extreme but enough to catch a cold so habitually I always carry a shrug or jacket by coordinating wearing or in my bag. Snuggle in a bag CHECKED.

Photo by Gustavo Spindula on Unsplash
5. Okay so I should be carry this and that and so on but one thing I never forget are my lipsticks and balms.....

and no matter what people say we all should be comfortable in our own skin... and be happy and grateful for internet and cash on delivery services that makes our life easier. like SERIOUSLY.

Heroin of life

November 26, 2018

"what was I thinking? How can I chat with a childhood friend on Facebook and meet her straightaway?"
"There is still time I guess" looking at my dead watch wrapped like some Hercules' wristband, "I had to look presentable, so what if the goddamn watch is not working it's "DKNY".

I bitchslapped the girl in me and looked around and saw people hastily walking out of the temple. God this a busy morning. What if she doesn't come? Do I look stupid standing here by myself?
Damn! why did I agree on this? Is it too late to go back? "she must be a religious person" I wondered and started fiddling my phone. Who plans on meeting for the first time in front of a temple?

You know there is no match of Indian women when it comes to corner eye staring, investigating someone's job, age, family, damn some of them are so gifted they can tell what time your entire family takes a dump. I pretended to walk around a bit so I don't look like Eiffel tower. Who wanted to be a center of attraction on a street? not me!

and there she was wearing a purple sweater and a sling bag on shoulder. Big eyes with 2 packs of kohl stuffed in them. I wonder why we girls torture our cornea like that? We waved at each other from across the temple crowd. I doubted her choice of meeting regoriously. Well at least for starters she "smiled". Oh! shit, she is a fast walker! she ran towards me with her big eyes locked on me and a big grin smile. For a second I thought she's mistaken me for someone else. I don't remember signing up a Karan Johar movie. OH, SHE'S NEAR! Should I hug her or should I shake hands with her? or should I wait for her, coz I think she looks like she's gonna hug me or run over me at this speed!

I was awestruck by her speed to stop right in front of me. I Blacked out for a second and as I opened my eyes I saw a finger pointed towards me, I stepped back remembering my fifth-grade lesson from mom 'one arm distance is a safe distance to talk'. 'hiiiiii' I long squeaked "nice to see you after 4th grade" Our eyes radiated and we casually hugged.
Looking around the torturous street ramblings and crowd, There I find assured pride moment, I so wanted to yell! "yo bitches I am just meetin a girlfriend here!!

"Let's go get a coffee?" I strolled acting if I know the entire shopping area, guiding her like a tourist guide.

And! this is how I met the 'HEROIN' of my life. The only absolute person with whom I share a hate/love relationship with. We were best friends in junior school together until 4th grade, after that, she moved with her parents to Libya and I was sent to a residential boarding school. After 12 years we found each other out of curiosity on Facebook and met.

I am going to share more bits of random musings of my life. Well! let's keep it for every now and then.

have you ever met an old friend on facebook? 

Skeptical thoughts about #40daylanguagechallenge and First week update

October 18, 2018

Image source: TAU International/Google

Have you ever wonder why did you take a certain decision about something hastily?
I am having a real moment here now about my learning Arabic language in 40 days. Whether I will be able to finish it off on time? is it going to be just about the basic introduction? Will I be able to construct proper writing words? How competent l will be after self studying a language in just 40 days juxtaposition to people learning with a trainer?
I think the real answer will reveal its course only at the end of the challenge. I am documenting an update to keep track of all my little findings and learning along the way.

Here is the list of my top 5 first week starter sources:

Udemy: I registered on Udemy a while back. My first impression was honest-to-goodness i.e. what can a 15 minute video certification about something can do any good? Well to my surprise, even after an MBA from LJMU, I required a great deal of updates into human resources, online, blogging... etc. The world is becoming bigger in context to new things flowing in everyday. On a random day I tried its app uninterested and watched a video about Advance Excel. It was unswerving and I was hooked to the details the instructor gave, including, examples, pdf to downloads and other accessible links. Still in doubt I could also contact the instructor directly. It was neat, I didn't have to run around the web to search for any other thing related to the topic and yes the certification upon completion will add an advantage of a additional skill. The catch here is the video are from 15 minutes to a couple of hours which is time saving, hundreds of free course options, one click enrollment, classes are at your convenience, accessible from a computer or your phone and I cant stop raving about the dirt-cheap prices. Here is a link to get Udemy.
Now, I have been using it to learn Arabic also, since it offers a great deal of starter and motivation short length videos. I assume it will go a long way with me. Let me know how is your experience with Udemy in the comment section below.
*You can click on the course or anywhere on Udemy here, you'll be directed to the website, If you enroll in a paid course I'll get a little bonus, all thanks to you.

YouTube: I think YouTube is the first medium where you can easily get to watch and learn anything possible. There are billions of videos out there in your preferred language, subtitles and more freedom to watch over devices. I have watched a couple of videos to check on the pronunciation from the this channel Learn arabic with

Google: Need I say more? Billions of resources FREE FREE FREE Just a click away.

Books: 'Old habits die hard' however, this one is an exception from this proverb. Since a very young age I have an habit of keeping a good dictionary with me. Like now I have 6 besides me, It delights me sometimes to study like the 'good ol days'. I got to know about this one particular visual dictionary, which I think no one could dislike. Its compact, carefully sectioned topics, every single word in English-Arabic with a Picture. Its easier for me to remember something if I see it. I am leaving a link here for you to check this small wonder for yourself.

This the starter kit for this week. I may come across more free or exceptionally cheaper ways to learn Arabic which I will keep you abreast with along my #40daylanguagechallenge.

Until Next post
Love | Sia

Biggest update of 2018

September 30, 2018

hello people, Welcome to my side of the world, I am currently in a major move in life where I am trying to figure out designing my house, learning Arabic Language, and cooking for my family.

So said itself, this is going to be about millions of drool-worthy home style posts, Everything related to home cooking and a 40 Day language CHALLENGE! Where I will be learning Arabic. Sounds crazy! even for me hehe.  Starting on 14 September 2018.

In case if you want to be a part of this challenge, or just wanna know the places, sources where I am learning from, or anything related in context to my blog, languages. You can write to me directly in the comment section below or you can always shoot a mail at I'll be happy to reply.
Until next post,
Love, Sia
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